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Tue, 23 Dec 2014  22:26

Most leagues have reached the half way stage and will now have a break for the holiday period.


Results for week ending 19th December.


Mixed Leagues


League 1


Microgaming Marown A 13 Doehle Corporate Selborne A 5


League 2


Microgaming Marown B     PWC Castletown/Abbey A  (no result received)



Citywing Vikings B 12 Cannell Print/idesign Rushen A 7


Vikings picked up some valuable points in this match. The night started well for Vikings with a win at second mens followed quickly by a win at second womens where Kristina Buck and her mum  and  super-sub Csilla Buck beat Sarah Goldie and Janet Corkish 21/9 21/10.  Rushen immediately came back to win first mens and first womens, but with both of these ties going to three games, Vikings found themselves 6-4 up after the level doubles. Fourth and then third mixed went the way of Vikings in straight games. Vikings second mixed pairing of Neil and Fiona Brew beat Rob Mason and Janet Corkish 16/21 21/14 21/11.  First mixed went the way of Rushen, where an on-form Neil and Kirree Ronan took a close tie against Alex Townell  and Margaret Daughen 22/20 21/18. Thanks to Alan Ferguson at Selborne for loaning Vikings an extra court to ensure the match was completed in plenty of time.  Vikings are hoping to welcome an injured Lynda Cadamy back into the fold in the New Year.  MF


League 3


Celton Fencibles B 7 CuPlas Callow St Ninians B 10


Designer Glass Castletown/Abbey B 7 Doehle Corporate Selborne B 11


League 4


Celtic Gold Peel A 9 Doehle Corporate Selborne C 10 


At second mens Raymond Gawne and Nigel Kane beat Peel’s Liam Reynolds and Bharat Chhetri 21/19 21/19. Second womens was even closer, going to three games with Peel's Gillian Craine and Chantal McClean eventually winning 15/21 21/15 21/14 against Sue Young and Marilyn Danielson. Ray McMullen and Ean Crellin took first mens for Selborne against Darren Irving and Stuart Gell 21/18 21/16.  Peel then fought back and Rachael Golby and Alison Craine took first womens 21/10 21/17 against Gill Young and Felicia Gawne. At fourth mixed Peel's Reynolds and McClean lost narrowly against Selborne's Raymond Gawne and Danielson with a score of 14/21 21/10 15/21. Chhetri and Gillian Craine pulled it back at third mixed for Peel winning 17/21 21/16 21/15 against Kane and Sue Young. At second mixed Peel's Gell and Alison Craine beat Crellin and Felicia Gawne 21/15 21/17. Selborne then managed to secure the match by winning first mixed with Ray McMullen and Gill Young beating Irving and Golby 21/17 21/15.  DC


Mixed League 5


Caley Stores Sulby 10 Tynwald Celts B 10


This match was as close as the score suggests with games and points being evenly matched all through the evening. First mens and first mixed were by far the best games of the night. Sulby first men Norman Brew and Patrick Couper Woods had to pull out all the stops to beat John Dawson and Mark Cheung 22/20 in the third and at first mixed, more superb quality badminton where Brew and Katrina Venancio for Sulby beat Dawson and Kira Clague 21/19 in the third. All extremely close ‘point for point’ scoring throughout.   IC


Men’s Leagues


League 3


CuPlas Callow St Ninians B 250 Sulby Glen Sulby 128


League 4


Celton Fencibles C 244 Microgaming Marown C 167 


League 7


Magee & Co Castletown/Abbey D 246 Citywing Vikings D 203


CuPlas Callow St Ninians D 247 Cannell Print/idesign Rushen C 162 

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