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Archery Report

Tue, 27 Oct 2015

The IoM Archery Club met at Onchan on Sunday to shoot a WA18 round as part of the Club’s Handicap League. The adults shot on the smaller triple face, while the Juniors tackled a single face. The scratch scores irrespective of age, gender or bow type were then subjected to handicap to give the overall result. If an archer shoots exactly to his handicap the tables will give an adjusted score of 1440; anything above or below the 1440 average gives an indication of how well the individual is shooting.

Of the eighteen club members who shot on Sunday nine achieved new personal best scores for the round. Three of the nine; Tilly Ashton, Matt Elliott and John Hill were shooting the round for the first time and finished first, second and third respectively. Of the rest, Joseph Reaney showed the biggest improvement adding 32 points to his pb and finishing fourth overall. Josh Trafford shot the highest scratch Recurve score of the day adding 31 points to his pb in the process but had to settle for seventh place after handicapping. Jacob Brookes added 26 points to his pb finishing in fifth, while James Hill added 3 points to his pb to come in eleventh. Veteren archer Pete Mumford added 7 points to his pb, recording the highest scratch Compound score of the day and showing an excellent return to form after a layoff for injury.

Unfortunately, some of the other archers were not in as good form. Danny Cowin had a nightmare of a round recording seven misses. Dave Moore put in, what he believed to be the worst WA18 score he had ever shot. Barbara Harris, struggling with lack of practice to start with, injured her neck and shoulder trying to save a bad shot nine arrows into the shoot. Her resultant score was the second worst she had ever shot for the round.

Results WA18 Handicap:- 1.Tilly Ashton 1560 (55/337/1)pb, 2.Matt Elliott 1554 (39/296/3)pb, 3.John Hill 1540 (43/329/5)pb, 4.Joseph Reaney 1478 (59/346/1)pb, 5.Jacob Brookes 1455 (47/220/2)pb, 6.Rhys Moore 1452 (60/559/20), 7.Josh Trafford 1449 (59/515/17)pb, 8.Pete Mumford 1447 (60/570/30)pb, 9.Toby Young 1436 (57/336/5)pb, 10.Billy Lightfoot 1433 (60/551/16), 11.James Hill 1424 (57/345/2)pb, 12.Colin Moore 1422 (60/539/10), 13.Dave Moore 1419 (59/539/16), 14.Joy Gough 1404 (58/519/9), 15.Barbara Harris 1392 (58/473/10), 16.Tony Hartley 1366 (56/460/10), 17.Danny Cowin 1362 (53/443/8), 18.Dave Berry 1332 (50/408/6).

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