Health Minister to look for ME funding boost

The Health Minister says her Department will try to find funding to improve ME treatment and diagnosis on the Island.

ME - or Myalgic Encephalomyelitis - and chronic fatigue syndrome are debilitating conditions which cause persistent fatigue, for which there is no definitive diagnosis.

Speaking at this week's sitting of the House of Keys, Kate Beecroft admitted there's no room in the budget to develop the service now, but pledged to look for the money for the next financial year.

Mrs Beecroft wants to establish a steering group including representatives from ME and CFS groups to identify the best way to approach treatment for the conditions on the Island.

The Minister also confirmed that patients could be treated through the telemedicine project to reduce the tiring impact of travel after the idea was raised by Ramsey MHK Dr Alex Allinson.

ME is diagnosed after doctors rule out all other conditions with similar symptoms, but there is no specific test for the illness.

It's estimated 300 to 350 people on the Island have ME.