Cost of fridge disposal rises

The cost of disposing of fridges and freezers at the Island's civic amenity sites will rise from today.

It will now cost between £15 and £50 to get rid of old units due to an increase in the cost of getting the items processed off Island.

American-style freezers are hit hardest by the new charges - as disposing of one of those has gone up from £25 to £50.

Under-counter fridges weighting up to 50kg will cost £15, which is a £3 rise, while chest fridges and freezers have gone up £10 to £25.

The Government says that the closure of processing sites in the UK as well as a drop in scrap metal prices is to blame for the price hike.

Fridges and freezers taken to the amenity sites have to be taken across to have hazardous gases removed before they can be shredded and recycled, which cannot be done locally.