Pay rises mean more public sector workers earn £50,000

The increase in the number of public sector workers earning over £50,000 per year since 2011 is down to pay rises, according to the Island's Policy and Reform Minister.

Chris Thomas says the main reason 131 more employees have a salary of over £50,000 than in 2011 is due to annual pay awards rather than an increase in positions.

Mr Thomas revealed it's Government's policy not to increase pay costs by more than 1% annually, with Departments required to make cuts elsewhere if they want to make additional increases.

However, the Minister insists that those earning under £50,000 have also seen their pay rise, with an extra £2m spent on salaries for that pay range this year than in 2011.

The figures were revealed following a series of questions from Onchan MHK Julie Edge in this week's sitting of the House of Keys.