Ramsey social housing records largest deficit

Social housing in Ramsey cost the Government more than any other area of the Island last year.

Figures revealed in a written answer in this week's sitting of the House of Keys showed a £1.1m deficiency was claimed by the Ramsey housing authority for the 2015-16 financial year.

£3.5m was claimed by housing authorities across the Island, with Castletown, Malew and the Royal British Legion the only authorities not needing additional funds from the Department of Infrastructure.

However, Douglas's deficit dropped from £720,000 to just short of £350,000 last year, with the total bill coming in at over £700,000 less than in 2014-15.

Infrastructure Minister Ray Harmer revealed last week that he expects this year's public sector housing shortfall to be around £4.1m, resulting in the need for a 2% rise in rent from April next year.