Coroner lists recommendations following drugs death

Drug smugglers who could have drugs concealed internally should have access to a lawyer while in hospital.

That's one of the recommendations made by the Island's Coroner of Inquests following a hearing into the death of a man in police custody.

The inquest into the death of Steven Corkill took place last month, with the police insisting they have already taken some of the Coroner's recommendations on board.

Now, the Coroner has published the full report into the death which includes three recommendations, such as extending the current duty advocate scheme to those under arrest while at the hospital.

John Needham is also urging the Department of Health and Social Care to ensure all staff are trained to recognise the symptoms of drug toxicity.

The Coroner is also keen to see changes to the rules regarding reading material for police officers, limiting just one officer to using an electronic device at any one time.

Corkill died with a lethal amount of cocaine in his blood last in June 2015.