CityWing collapse could force bowls team to miss championship

The Island's crown green bowls team fears it could be forced to pull out of a top UK competition because of the collapse of CityWing.

The team had chartered a 19-seater plane with the virtual airline to allow the side to compete in County Bowls, with the opening fixture taking place against Yorkshire in May.

The rules of the County Bowls competition mean all travel must be completed within one day, and the team says the current commercial flights timetable makes this impossible.

The team has been working to find a financially suitable alternative, but so far has been unable to secure transport for its fixtures in May, June and July, which could force the side to withdraw.

Each fixture sees two teams from each county go head-to-head - one on the Island and one in the opposition county, meaning both teams need return flights on the day of the competition.

Anyone who is in a position to help the team can contact chairman Neil Withers at