Onchan parents asked to reconsider school choice

Parents of children starting school in Onchan later this year are being asked to reconsider which school they send their children to.

The Department of Education and Children has sent letters to those whose children will start reception class in September after too many pupils signed up for one of the two schools in the area.

75 children are due to start at Onchan Primary School, while just 29 have been registered for Ashley Hill.

The letter says it will be physically difficult to have such a big year group at Onchan.

Parents who would consider sending their children to Ashley Hill instesd are being urged to let the Department know by the end of next week so it can plan for September.

The DEC insists it has confidence in both schools.

Education Minister Graham Cregeen will be asked about the catchment area for the Onchan schools in this week's sitting of the House of Keys.