Serial rapist made victims blame themselves

The police officer who led an investigation into a serial rapist says his victims were made to feel responsible for his crimes.

William Henry Kelly from Peel was sentenced to 18 years in prison after being found guilty of 10 counts of rape, as well as four charges of indecent assault and two counts of assault resulting in actual bodily harm.

Detective Inspector Michelle McKillop believes the victims will have to live with the damage of the offences for the rest of their lives.

DI McKillop described Kelly as a very controlling, predatory and dangerous sex offender, leading his victims to believe they were responsible for his actions and leaving them blaming themselves.

The verdict and sentence have been hailed as a positive message by the Isle of Man Constabulary, and it's hoped anyone else who has been a victim of this type of assault and abuse will contact the Public Protection Unit at Police Headquarters.