Woman who stole from uncle's business loses appeal against prison sentence

A woman who stole money from a relative to pay for a horse box has had an appeal against the length of her jail sentence dismissed.

Fenella Jane Carter is serving a 20 month custodial sentence after stealing over £33,000 from her uncle's legal practice while working as a bookkeeper for the company.

The appeal hearing described how Carter was not co-operative with police, and entered a not guilty plea resulting in a lengthy investigation.

Although she was previously of good character, a social enquiry report described the crime as premeditated and planned.

Carter's legal team insisted a suspended sentence or community service order could have been imposed as she has young children as has repaid the stolen money.

However, the appeal claimed the substantial breach of trust, impact on her uncle professionally and personally, and a lack of remorse or co-operation crossed the custodial threshold .