Helen Callow tops poll in Council by-election

Helen Callow has been elected to serve on Douglas Borough Council.

Mrs Callow, who is retired, beat three other candidates to claim the vacant seat in yesterday's poll.

Mrs Callow will serve St George's ward until 2020.


Election Data: (Source Douglas Borough Council)

The total number of votes given for each candidate in this election was:

CALLOW, Helen                                                179

HALSALL, Richard Frederick                             65

KRENTZ, Charlton Lee John                             144 

LAVERY, Kieran Anthony Derek                        44

The total numbers of voters voting at this election was 438 representing a turnout of 20.50%

The number of Ballot Papers rejected was 6:
1 for unmarked or void for uncertainty
5 for voting for more candidates than there were vacancies to be filled.