St Thomas' pupils could be relocated

Pupils signed up to go to St Thomas' Church of England Primary School in Douglas could be going to a different site.

The Department of Education and Children is considering co-locating students from the school to Scoill Vallajeelt from September.

The Saddlestone school was extended in 2005 to accommodate growing pupil numbers, but the register has fallen in recent years.

Scoill Vallajeelt is expected to be less than 50% full in September, while St Thomas' will be overcapacity.

The DEC says it would need to use mobile classrooms at St Thomas', which can't easily be extended as the site is surrounded on all sides.

Meetings are being held at both schools next week for parents to discuss the proposals and share their views.

The meetings will take place at St Thomas' on Monday at 4.30pm, and at the same time on Wednesday at Scoill Vallajeelt.