Steam Packet insists it's focused on what's best for IoM

The Steam Packet Company insists it's interested in what's best for the Island after the Government revealed it intends to continue negotiating for a better deal.

The ferry operator made an offer to continue providing sea services beyond 2026, including investing in new vessels and providing ticket discounts in exchange for exclusive use of the King Edward Pier Linkspan.

The Steam Packet says it's part of the Manx community, employing more than 300 Manx residents, and is fully vested in the Island.

The company also states it takes all the commercial downside risk under its current agreement, and that it doesn't require a Government subsidy.

The operator plans to bring in replacements for the Ben-my-Chree and Manannan in the next six years if it's able to agree a new deal with the Government.

Infrastructure Minister Ray Harmer will ask Tynwald to note the offer at this month's sitting, but recommend assessing other option.