Locals rate their health worse than UK residents

Residents of the Isle of Man are in worse health than their UK counterparts according to a Government survey.

This year's Social Attitudes survey revealed 76% of Manx residents would describe their health as good or very good, compared to 81% in England and Wales.

Nearly three quarters of those who responded to the Government's questionnaire revealed they have no lasting physical or mental health issues - which is the same figure as in 2016.

Almost 40% of local residents said they don't have confidence in the health service, which is fewer than in 2016.

Nine out of 10 adults under 35 claimed they know someone who has experienced mental health problems, while only 75% of over 65s know someone with mental health issues, while 30% of all respondents said those with mental health problems shouldn't be allowed to be doctors, teachers or politicians.

The survey also asked people about their views on the Government, employment and education.