Former Chief Minister claims police wanted early finish for festival

A former Chief Minister of the Isle of Man insists the Manx police are wrong to claim the Castletown Festival doesn't take its safety responsibilities seriously.

Tony Brown, who is also a former MHK for Castletown and was previously chairman of the event's organising committee, posted on social media that whoever issued the Constabulary's statement on the event hasn't read the police file thoroughly.

The retired politician states that the police have wanted the festival to end by 6pm for a number of years, and the Constabulary insisted the event needed a licence for music knowing it would result in an earlier finish.

Mr Brown, who stepped down from his role as chairman last year, says the festival has always worked closely with police, and that their relationship with the Constabulary is good.

He adds that the organisers have always supported the police's attempts to crack down on underage drinkers, as well as creating extra entrance points with stewards to allow for further checks.

Mr Brown finished his response by saying the lack of music licence doesn't mean the festival isn't taking safety seriously, and that the police's statement suggesting otherwise is disingenuous.