Police raise concerns over festival safety

The Island's police force insists a local festival could have found a way to put music on in the evening.

The Castletown Festival revealed the day before its annual event that it had been threatened with prosecution if music was put on after 6pm, resulting in the organisers changing their schedule with just 24 hours notice.

However, the Isle of Man Constabulary has responded, claiming the situation was entirely avoidable and other arrangements could have been made to ensure the evening entertainment could go ahead.

The police revealed the festival has previously been allowed to have music in the evening, but legal advice from the Attorney General warned the event couldn't rely on the exemption for philanthropic purposes, and failed to apply for the relevant licence through the courts.

In a statement, the police also say they have repeatedly raised concerns over the running of the festival, and that the organisers must ensure the event is safely run.

The Constabulary claims the event is the most heavily policed on the Island outside the TT due to teenagers abusing alcohol and anti-social behaviour, and that the organisers have shown a reluctance to embrace and promote safety.