MERS wants police investigation into tram incident

The Manx Electric Railway Society is calling for a police investigating after the brakes failed on a tram on the Snaefell Mountain Railway.

The incident happened when the tram was coming down Snaefell on Friday afternoon, resulting in the carriage speeding through the Bungalow before the Fell brakes halted it.

The Society believes the Manx Government would be facing a manslaughter investigation if the tram had left the rails, and is accusing the Department of Infrastructure of secrecy over the incident.

The MERS also claims electro mechanical brake failures have happened on other occasions, forcing crews to use the original Fell brakes to stop in an emergency.

The Society praised the crew that were on board the tram, but says the police need to look into what happened.

The organisation says the incident threatened the lives of the public and put people in terror.

The DoI confirmed an investigation is underway and that it is working with the Health and Safety Inspectorate.