Council promises relentless action against those who owe rates

Douglas Borough Council says it will be relentless as it seizes homes owned by those who owe rates.

The local authority is in the process of selling of 16 properties - 14 of which are owned by non-Manx residents -  to recover over £32,000 worth of debt.

Earlier this year, the Council seized three properties through the Coroner of Middle, one of which was sold at auction earlier this month to clear outstanding rate arrears.

Another property owner was handed an attachment of earning order, where their debt is taken directly from their salary, while the third case has been adjourned.

Leader of the Council David Christian hopes the action will send a clear message that the board will be relentless and have no hesitation in taking legal action against those who don't pay their rates.

The Council is encouraging anyone who is having difficulties making rate payments to contact the local authority and make an arrangement to pay in order to avoid court proceedings.