Manx Labour Party warns some face choice between food and medicine

The Manx Labour Party believes the proposed changes to the Island's prescription charges could force some people to do without heat and food in order to afford medication.

The Department of Health and Social Care has been seeking feedback from the public on plans to increase charges per prescription item, as well as end free prescriptions for those with chronic illness and the under 75s.

In the MLP's submission to the public consultation, the party warns those on a tight budget may have to choose between prescription drugs and other essentials, potentially resulting in larger costs for the NHS in the long term.

The organisation also claims significant savings could be found elsewhere in the DHSC's budget without effecting the public in such a way, and that such changes shouldn't be made before a Tynwald committee finishes its investigation of the Department's overspending.

The Party raised further concerns about proposed changes to dental services and eye care, and offered to meet with the Department to discuss the plans further.