MHK seeks tram brake failure details

An MHK is seeking details about brake failures on the Snaefell Mountain Railway and Manx Electric Railway.

Douglas North MHK David Ashford has asked Infrastructure Minister Ray Harmer how many times the electric braking system has failed on the MER trams in the last three years in this month's Tynwald questions.

Mr Ashford also wants to know how often the fell brake has been needed to stop the mountain trams over the same period, and what speeds the Snaefell trams were recorded at during recent speed tests.

Safety on the Island's railways has been under scrutiny following an incident on the Snaefell tracks earlier this year, resulting in a tram failing to stop at the Bungalow after the electric brakes failed.

The carriage came to a stop soon after when the original fell brakes were applied, but the service was suspended while speed tests were conducted.

Mr Harmer will provide written answers next week.