Victoria Road re-opened following "small chemical incident"

Victoria Road in Castletown has re-opened following a "small chemical incident' at a garage.

Emergency services were called Station Garage following a 999 call for assistance.

The caller had been using a cleaning agent in the back of a van situated in the rear car park behind the fuel station.

The person had been cleaning a large quantity of aluminium pizza trays which started to give off fumes and react with the chemical agent.

Roger Brown from Isle of Man Fire & Rescue Service said: "As a precaution which is normal in this type of situation a 50m cordon was put in place while resources responded. On arrival crews quickly determined that the products involved had the potential to be very reactive given the right conditions."

"A Fire Service Hazmat Officer and specialist equipment attended the incident to identify the products involved and provide a safe response to deal with the incident. "
Two firefighters in hazmat chemical suits were deployed to separate and contain the materials involved which were then removed by the Fire Service for safe disposal. 

The area and crews were then decontaminated before the cordons were removed and the road re-opened.