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Viking Longboat Races 2024

They're back again! 20th July sees the return of the famous Viking Longboat races in Peel. Why not join in the fun? Get a team together.

The boat races will this year be held on Saturday  20th July 2024 starting at 10.00am.


Update 2nd July 2024

All teams that were due to practice on Monday (this was cancelled because of the weather) will now practice on Wednesday 3rd July at the same time.

Teams registered

  • A Bunch of Tankers
  • Bunch of Anchors 1
  • Absolutely Shipfaced
  • Ships and Giggles
  • In Deep Ship
  • Pith Poor Planning
  • The Peel Sea-Gals
  • Barclays S'Eagles
  • The Row Must go on


And don't forget you can get details on race practices and the big day to come by listening to Energy FM for the latest news and interviews with teams and, of course, Jimmy and Nigel!

Practises are planned to be held on the below dates weather permitting;

  • Week 1: Monday 1st July Tuesday 2nd July.
  • Week 2: Monday 8th July and Tuesday 9th July.
  • Week 3: Monday 15th, Tuesday 16th, Wednesday 17th and Thursday 18th July.

Race day is Saturday 20th July 2024, however with the tides this year we are having to start at 10.00am.

Teams not only Island based, but coming from Ireland and Scotland! Open for all!

For more details and to get in touch head to their Facebook page


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