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See our tribute to Simon Nicks (Nicksy) who passed away in May 2017  after a short battle with Cancer.

Nicksy will be greatly missed.


Ok some stalker type info about me...

I've been on the radio for quite a few years now….I started off at the legendary Long Wave Radio Atlantic 252, which was very popular on the Isle of Man!

Since then, I have been on air in the North West for many years, despite looking so young!!

I hosted the Breakfast Show on Galaxy 102 before moving to Key 103 to start Late Night Nicksy, which eventually ended up on City Talk in Liverpool and now here on Energy FM.

At the moment I’m a bit of a tart doing various shows, as well as, Late Night Nicksy, which airs every Sunday night on stations in the North West, North East, Cheshire, Southern Spain and Gibraltar!

Randomly I do a show for another station called NRJ in the Middle East, which is pronounced ENERGY….spooky eh!

I have also hosted shows for MTV in the Middle East, and was a regular guest on The Trisha Show.

Away from work, I like watching pretty much all American TV, my favourite is the legendary Larry David in "Curb Your Enthusiasm" followed by "The Office" and "30 Rock".  On TV anything geeky is always a good choice for me.

The geeky side of me loves aircraft…and I started to learn how to fly, although after a little accident, I haven't done it for a while! Other than that my major passion is cooking...no one has been poisoned YET!

I just realised this sounds like an advert in a Personals Column, so I should stop right now!

If you listen to the show, get involved by dropping me an email, text or even better follow me on Twitter my thingy is “@nicksy”