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At Energy we have a new and fresh way to appeal to new and existing customers.

Radio's biggest strength is that it is a mobile medium and can always be heard; whether in the car, via a mobile phone, on the way to work or while washing up. This means we can get your message to potential customers at all times of the day in a variety of different ways.

Our listeners are extremely interactive with us via text, email and social media. In fact, we have one of the most texted numbers on the Island!

Sponsoring a show or programme feature on Energy FM means that you can target specific audiences as opposed to mass listenership. We can help you target your demographic, meaning that you are more likely to entice new customers to your business.

Using radio alongside a web campaign can boost your business activity and digital presence. At any one time up to 1/5th of internet users are listening to the radio, meaning they're only a click away from your brand. Using the two mediums together can really build brand awareness and customer recall. Integrating radio advertising with online promotion and social media campaigns creates a uniquely powerful marketing platform for your business.

Every business has different needs when it comes to marketing, so we custom design every advertising package to our clients’ needs. We have packages for all budgets!

Our sales team is dedicated, experienced and enthusiastic. They will give you an honest and professional opinion on the best direction for marketing your business.

You and your business needs are our prime concern here at Energy. We are totally flexible in our approach, meaning you get exactly what you want.

Contact our Sales Team on (07398) 142639 for a no obligation chat or email sales@energyfm.net

Be part of the Island's biggest radio station by letting us build your brand! Energy FM - Effective Advertising, Fast!

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The RAJAR Myth 

RAJAR is a body set up to provide audience measurement information for the UK radio industry. Whilst some organisations swear by the figures produced by RAJAR, the system is seriously flawed. For instance, their statistics are gathered from diaries which are issued after simply knocking on doors. Completing these is a highly laborious task, and evidence shows that many people don't fill them out properly, waiting until just prior to their collection to do so. It is an outdated and flawed method of surveying - RAJAR cannot detect when you turn on the radio, meaning that there is no possible corroboration of listening figures.

Energy FM does not subscribe to RAJAR for the following reasons:

  • RAJAR’s figures are released almost 3 months after their survey. They’re out of date the moment they are released. 
  • The survey covers a rolling period of 12 months at 3 month intervals – most of the data is so far out of date that it's practically irrelevant.     
  • The sample size for the Isle of Man (612 people per year, according to RAJAR’s own figures) is so small as to be effectively statistically meaningless. Fewer than 12 people a week are surveyed across all age ranges. Yes, less than 12!
  • More people over 65 are surveyed than any other group. Is this your target demographic? It isn't ours!     
  • The surveys do not produce exact figures. RAJAR themselves admit they only produce an 'estimated weekly average reach and hours' - in our view it's like sticking your finger in the air.

As they say, there are lies, damned lies and statistics!