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Archery Report 1st Sep 2013

Tue, 03 Sep 2013  13:29

As expected there was an excellent turn-out for the annual Windsor competition on Sunday at Greeba.  The weather was kind although a little breezy and less warm than of late. This round comprises 36 arrows at 60 yards, 36 arrows at 50 yards and then a final 36 arrows at 40 yards all on a 120cm target face.  It was evident by the amount of arrow damage during the shoot that the level of shooting by the archers is too good for the shorter distances of this round.  However, this did not mean that there was any less competition on the shooting line, and as  all archers shoot the same distances, both ladies and gents compete for the highest score on the day to take the trophies in the two different disciplines.  The overall winner in the compound class was GB junior No.2, Kirsten George who recorded a score of 962, dropping just 10 points off the maximum score for the round. Sarah Rigby pushed hard, but finished 4 points behind Kirsten with 958, and third place went to Dave Moore with a score of 948.  Simon Musgrove, having taken the honours in the last two weeks in the Compound division, had a bad day, and finished at the bottom of the pile this week.  This just goes to show how your fortunes in archery can change very quickly.   In the recurve section, there was a nice surprise for Adam Wright, who having turned 18 on Friday, won his first round as a senior archer with a score of 816, beating Tony Hartley by just four points, the third place in this division going to Rhys Moore who scored 764.  Both Josh Trafford and Jack Tyrer shot junior rounds according to their respective ages, with Josh taking the Junior Windsor trophy with a score of 625 over the three distances.  Jack was very satisfied with his performance this week and went home happy with his score of 653 over the distances for his age group.

In the afternoon the Archery Club held an open day for the residents of Greeba so that they could try out archery and also observe the experienced archers in practice at competition distances.  It was very good to see so many children and adults come to the field and have a go, many trying the sport for the first time.

Best wishes this week go to Thomas Bott, Adam Wright and Alice Crowe as they start their courses at university.  They will be missed at Club and we look forward to seeing them when they are back on the Island.

Next week the competitions revert to the Fita rounds once again, meeting as usual at 9.30am to set up the field, or 1.30 pm for the afternoon session.




Windsor Compound: Kirsten George 108/962/103, Sarah Rigby 108/958/101, Dave Moore 108/948/96, Aalin George 108/946/95, Billy Lightfoot 108/942/93, Peter Mumford 108/938/92, Colin Moore 108/922/84 and Simon Musgrove 108/908/77


Windsor Recurve:  Adam Wright 108/816/55, Tony Hartley 108/812/50, Rhys Moore 102/764/50, Bradley Layton 104/690/22, Karen Lott 104/679/25 and Rob Lott 105/673/23


Junior Windsor Recurve: Josh Trafford 105/625/19

Short Junior Windsor Recurve: Jack Tyrer 107/653/26

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