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Riffle Shooting - Request for entries

Thu, 10 Oct 2013  10:11

Although, due to unfortunate circumstances, Barry Jones has resigned as IoMRA Competition Secretary, he has agreed organise the C & D league and under 21 competitions where shooters of equal standard can compete on a regular basis. Barry will be off the Island until late October and he has asked if eligible names could be emailed to him on with the leagues expected to commence during November. The formats for the competitions are “to be shot over a four month period with 2 cards each month at a cost of £3.00 per head per competition”. Where applicable, shooters can shoot in any or all of the three competitions. Just in case shooters are unaware of their rankings, Barry has furnished me with the following names eligible for the C League-: Castletown – Mike Thompson, Chris Birtwhistle, Shirley Caley, Nigel Christian and Lorrie Thompson. Cossacks – Chris Clague, Fergus Coulter, Tim Hardisty, and Andy Mitchell. IoMSC Douglas – Nick Brown, Dave Humphrey, Tony Leadley and Tracey Skelton. Kirk Michael – Kevin Quinn, Perryn Callister, Tom Lord and David Lord. Laxey:- Stephen Curphey Judy Kee and Gary Kneale. Port St Mary:- Gary Knight, Dave Bould, Ean Brewis and Sandie Skuszka. IoMSC Sandsiders:- Tony Kneale, Ian Arthur. Sulby:- Will Quayle, Peter Webb, Peter Faragher and Jim Teare.

            The following names eligible for the D League-: Castletown:- Andy Bell, Lauren Cooper, Steve Gardner, Reg Caley, Robin McFee, Henry Qualtrough, Duncan Watterson, Tim Clegg and Dave Carter. Cossacks:- Ronnie Fairbairn, Andy Hall, Anthony Cawte, John Farrant, Jon Webb and Alfie Leach. IoMSC Douglas:- Mike Clague, Keith Lowney and Martin Burns. Kirk Michael:- Alex Trafford, Jack Kersley, Geoff Sayle, Illiam Christian and Chris Fayle. Laxey:- Peter Clague, Andy Jessop, Charlie Kennish, Nick Kennish, Bridget Kneale and Bill Snelling. Port St Mary:- Jackie Gardner, George Dalton-Brown, Orry Kerr, Patrick Kerr and George Powell. IOMSC Sandsiders:- Liz Jones, Paul Smethurst, Terry Green, Phil Kneen, Steve Callus, Robert Nelson, Dan Simpson and Chris Ollett. Sulby:- Mark Boyde, Richard Faragher, Philip Quayle, Rod Forshaw, Don Ault and Barry Jones.

To maintain competitive competitions throughout the winter months, the IoMRA ask each club for their support for entries – the entry charges of £3 per comp are not vast and your support will enable the IoMRA to provide excellent prizes at the end of the season. Please forward your entry list to Barry as soon as possible during October.

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