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Tue, 22 Oct 2013  15:54

Mixed Leagues
League 1
Cu Plas Callow St Ninian’s A 14 PWC Castletown/Abbey A 4
This was, at times, a very exciting opening match for both teams; the overall score masking some very close games which really could have gone to either team. Castletown took first men’s with a strong performance from brothers Baillie and Fingal Watterson against Gregg Harrison and Chris Birch 21/17, 21/7. The rest of the level doubles were taken by St. Ninian’s in two straight games. The mixed was a much closer affair with fourth and second going to St. Ninian’s. Third mixed started promisingly for Fingal and Karen Murphy, taking the first 21/19, but Michael Harrison and Sarah Corlett dug deep, into their combined 95 plus years, and took the second 21/17 just managing to push past the opposition to take the third 21/19. First mixed was an even closer match with Louise Mellor and Baillie Watterson winning the first 21/15 but Nicola Wilkinson and Chris Birch pulled out all the stops to take the second 22/20. The final game of the night could easily have gone either way, but a couple of last minute errors on the visitors’ part gave the home team the win, 22/20. Congratulations to Jane Wooding and reserves Simon Fletcher and Alex Domingo for not losing any of their games.
League 2
RL360 Rushen A 14 Sulby Glen Sulby 3
Rushen’s A team got their season off to a strong start, with 2-0 wins in each of the level doubles, for Sarah Goldie and Janet Corkish, Rob Mason and Richard Kerr, Kirree Ronan and Carole Ennett and Neil Ronan and Andy Bowers. In the mixed ties, success came for Sulby’s second pair off Rhuben Thomas and Emma Christie 21/15, 21/19 against Carole Ennett and Neil Ronan. The other game for the away side being taken by Andrew Simpson and Kerry Penketh, in the closest match of the evening at third mixed, in a 1-2 loss to Janet Corkish and Rob Mason, 12/21, 21/18, 10/21. 
League 3
Tynwald Celts A 6 Duncan Lawrie Selborne B 14
League 4
Microgaming Marown C 8 Celtic Gold Peel A 10
Marown C ventured into league 4 territory following their promotion last season, against
Peel A, and whilst they suffered a narrow 10-8 defeat in a match played in great spirits,
they showed they will be no pushovers in this league. For Marown, captain Paul Coppell
was the only double winner on the night and for Peel, their “player of the match”,
Rachael Golby and Susan Craine were double winners. Also notable was the excellent
mixed league debut of Matthew Colley, which was recognised by Peel with their
selection as “player of the match” for Marown. The match, which was tied at 6 all going
into the top two mixed contests, was decided in two very tight matches, both of which
went Peel’s way 2-1. 
Magee & Co Castletown/Abbey B 10 RL360 Rushen B 8
Thank you to our new sponsors Magee & Co. quantity surveyors. A typically close
fought evening’s play, reflected in the 10/8 score line, just going the way of
Castletown/Abbey B. Both Graham Coffey and Nick Thornley, for Castletown, finished
play without dropping a game. Annie Haworth and Jo Lannon were Rushen’s most
successful players only dropping one game. 
League 5
Citywing Vikings C 15 RL360 Rushen C 3
Mens Leagues
League 2
Celton Fencibles A 186 RL360 Rushen A 247
Microgaming Marown B 193 PWC Castletown/Abbey A 247
League 3
Sulby Glen Sulby 234 Duncan Lawrie Selborne B 222
Cu Plas Callow St Ninian’s B 242 Microgaming Marown C 202
League 4
Selborne C 212 Vikings B 218
Selborne were represented by Neil McMullen, Neil Keatings, Chris Ewan and Jason Lee and Vikings by Sam Mills, Mark Falconer, Derek Gray and Neil Cartwirght in what turned out to be a very close match, with initial games being shared, and by the half-way point there was only a couple of points in it. Selborne then won the next two matches courtesy of McMullen/Ewan and Lee/Ewan. With Selborne playing, arguably their best player as a reserve at number 4, Vikings did well to keep the deficit down to around 20 points going into the final match. Mills/Falconer managed to hold their concentration, and put some fine runs of points together, to win the final games 21-10, 21-6, which was enough for Vikings to pick up a narrow victory.
League 5
Cu Plas Callow St Ninian’s C 252 Celton Fencibles C 111
League 6
Celton Fencibles D 243 Citywing Vikings D 199
Tynwald Celts B 182 PWC Castletown/Abbey C 238
Womens Leagues
Cu Plas Callow St Ninian’s B 145 Citywing Vikings B 248
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