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Mon, 28 Oct 2013  10:58

The second week in the mixed badminton leagues saw convincing wins for Duncan Lawrie Selborne A in League 2 and Nationwide Michael B in league 6. 


League results for the week ending 25th October.


Mixed Leagues


League 2


Microgaming Marown B 0 Duncan Lawrie Selborne A 16


League 3


Celton Fencibles B 2 Citywing Vikings B 15


Duncan Lawrie Selborne C 7 CuPlas St Ninians B 10


Selborne's first home match following the renewal of Duncan Lawrie Private Banking's generous sponsorship, saw their C team make a bright start against St Ninians B with wins for Neil Keatings and Ray McMullen against Andrew Foley and Simon Craig 21/15, 22/20 at second mens, and Gill Young and Angela Guest 21/11, 21/17 at second womens over Pat Crease and Alex Domingo. St Ninians B played two leagues higher than Selborne C last season, and their top two level doubles were too strong on the night, as Avinash Chandarana and Jonny Tickner beat Neil McMullen and Jason Lee 21/ 11, 21/12, while Karen Wade and  Alison Harrison got the better of Carol Kelly and Sue Young 21/12, 21/13. At fourth mixed Keatings/Guest won the first 21/18, however from 20/13 down in the second lost 22/20, 21/17 to the young improving St Ninians pair Craig/Domingo. Selborne's lead was restored when Ray McMullen/Young won 21/16, 21/14 versus Foley/Crease, however St Ninians were not to be denied their victory with good wins 21/19, 21/7 for Tickner/Harrison over Neil McMullen/Kelly, and Chandarana/Wade at first against Lee/Young. RM


League 4


Royal London 360 Rushen B 6 Celton Fencibles C 14


League 5


Ayre Mowers Sulby 12 CuPlas St Ninians C 7


League 6


PWC Castletown/Abbey C 10 Kella Farms Sulby 8


The night got off to a good start for PWC Castletown/Abbey with wins for first and second mens pairings and second womens Claire Townsend and Sinead Stephens. First women’s Maryann Dunn and Erin Murphy fought hard against Kella Farms Sulby first women’s but eventually lost 22-24 and 17-21. The Castletown’s mixed pairing of Adam Cowin and Stephens won through as did John Thornley and Murphy. Acrobatic efforts from Sulby's Aiden McMahon and his partner Joan Hughes paid off when they just managed to overcome Castletown's Ian Bell and Townsend.  Many thanks go to PricewaterhouseCoopers LLC as Castletown 'C' Team's new sponsor. JT

Caley Stores Sulby 4 Nationwide Michael B 15


This was a good solid performance by Michael B who will be the team to beat in this league. Sulby’s second mens Mike Buckeridge and Charlie Bryan fought hard against Jamie Everitt and Sam Hewitson but lost out 18/21  21/19 12/21.  The mixture of youth and experience of James Strickett and Ian Collister put a win on the sheet for Sulby at first mens against Josh Carthew and Alan Brew 15/21 21/18 21/14  and at fourth mixed  James Strickett with sister Katie (playing her first league game), played very well and pushed Michael’s Sam Hewitson and Andrea Callow before losing in three games 18/21 21/9 15/21. Sulby battled hard, were always in with a chance and should have picked up a few more games but the all round strength of Michael gave them a convincing win. IC


Mens Leagues


League 1


Citywing Vikings A 212 Duncan Lawrie Selborne A 228


With both teams fielding reserves this match was always going to be a close one and so it proved to be with three out of the six matches being halved. The other three matches saw wins for Vikings Matthew Nicholson/Steve Allen 21/17 21/15 against Steven Quayle/Stuart Foley, Selborne’s Steven Quayle/Alex Lambie against Matthew Nicholson/Mark Falconer 21/20 21/12 and Selborne’s Alex Lambie/Alan Ferguson against Mark Falconer/David Buck 21/9 21/19. (SN)


Microgaming Marown A 211 CuPlas St Ninians A 233


League 4


Magee & Co Castletown/Abbey B 243 Tynwald Celts A 178


Castletown Abbey B team started their season off with a convincing 65 point win over Tynwald Celts A. Hall temperatures were high and shuttles were flying fast. It seemed often as much a game against the elements as the opponents. Still, despite the final score line, there was some close play with long rallies. Best performance of the night came from Castletown Abbey's Colin Kelly who won every game, dropping on average only 11 points in each one. Picking up the most points for Tynwald Celts was Dave Wilson.  NT


League 5


CuPlas St Ninians C 109 Celton Fencibles C 252 (correction from last week)


Duncan Lawrie Selborne D 237 Citywing Vikings C 180


Womens Leagues


League 4


Duncan Lawrie Selborne C 210 Microgaming Marown B 220




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