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Wed, 08 Jan 2014  12:44

The IoM Archery Club met on Sunday for the first shoot of the New Year. It was a Portsmouth round shot as part of the Club’s Handicap League. There was a good turnout with thirteen archers in total, two of whom were juniors. As the round was handicapped it meant that all archers, irrespective of bow type or age, could shoot against each other.

Thomas Bott, home for the Christmas break, was the only archer  to achieve a personal best score on the day. Rhys Moore was a little below his best but as he was using a new bow for the first time this was understandable. Also making use of new equipment was Joy Gough. In her case a new stabilizing system help Joy to a season’s best score just 1 point below her personal best. Joy’s adjusted score for the round was good enough to secure second place.

The highest scratch score of the day came from Compound archer Dave Moore whose score of 570 when adjusted was good enough for third place.

Of the two juniors, Josh Trafford and Jack Tyrer it was Josh who had the best day. Trafford has improved steadily over the indoor season, lowering his handicap with every shoot. His score on Sunday when adjusted for handicap secured first place on the podium.

Karen Lott elected to shoot the round barebow, that is minus any sights, stabilization or other shootingaids. As Karen has not established a handicap for this style of bow she could not be included in the adjusted table.

Results Portsmouth Handicap – 1: Josh Trafford 1462 (60 506 11), 2: Joy Gough 1443 (60 569 29), 3: Dave Moore 1440 (60 570 31), 4: Pete Mumford 1435 (60 568 28), 5: Thomas Bott 1431 (60 521 15)pb, 6: Tony Hartley 1428 (60 553 26), 7: Danny Cowin 1426 (59 504 15), 8: Sarah Rigby 1425 (60 569 30), 9: Rhys Moore 1424 (60 507 10), 10: Aalin George 1420 (60 564 24), 11: Jack Tyrer 1414 (60 372 4), 12: Rob Lott 1406 (60 480 5). Karen Lott 60 468 9 (barebow).

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