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Netball Predictions 12th Jan 2014

Fri, 10 Jan 2014  16:11

SuperSport Saturday's JP catches up with Michelle O’Malley to predict the weekends netball fixtures.


Premier Division:

Missfits A v Magic Carpets
Magic Carpets  have conceded almost twice as many goals as their opponents and they are currently sitting at the bottom of the division. When these teams met earlier in the season Missfits took the win comfortably, winning by 15. They will be looking to repeat this and take the three points.

C&S Red v Toomraiders
Last season's league and cup champions will be wanting to get the second half of the season off to a strong start in order to be in with a chance of retaining their title. Toomraiders have put some strong performances this season but they are going to have to fight to get half points in this match. C&S to win.

SMP Ballasalla B v C&S Blue
At the minute it is only goal difference separating these teams in the bottom half of the table. This will be a close fought match with a win meaning a move up the table. When these teams last met it was Balla B who took the win but looking at the stats it is looking like C&S's defence is looking strong at the minute. C&S to win.

Route 1 Connections v PWC Rubies
Route 1 won by over 20 when these teams met in the first half the season and they will comfortably take the win again. Rubies will be looking to take away half points though.

SMP Ballasalla A v Thompson A
Finishing the first half of the season at the top of the table Balla A will be looking to continue their unbeaten run and with Thompson struggling to field a full team they should manage this particularly with Ashley Hall dominating mid court. Balla A to win.


First Division:

PWC Emeralds v Thompson B
Expect a close match from these teams. Thompson took a win by just one point when they met earlier in the season and this time round it could be too close to call. Both teams have some new faces since they last met so it could be anyone's game. Draw.

Anglo Manx Electrical Services v Fencibles B
It's the battle for the bottom of the table with this match! Very little separates these teams and it could be quite close. Anglo won when these teams met ealrier in the season but Fencibles seem to have upped their game putting in stronger performances in their last few games. Fencibles for the win.

C&S White v Manx Glass Saints
C&S scored almost twice as many goal as Saints in their last encounter and they also have a strong defence, which they will need against the strong attack of the Saints side. C&S to win.

Fencibles A v Absolute Scaffolding
Youth versus experience in this game. Fencibles A have been wracking up some amazing scores and currently have only been beaten once. Scaffolding will need full strength in their defence if they plan on slowing down the amazing Jess Smallwood. Scaffolding should take half points but Fencibles for the win.

Pokerstars v Team DQ
Pokerstars were forced to concede the last game against DQ so they will be coming out with something to prove. Both teams have excellent shooters and bring a great pace to their play so this is going to come down to a battle of wills. Pokerstars are gunning for promotion and they are not going to give up this win without a fight. Pokerstars to win.


Second Division:

Marbree Motors v Bobby Sadler's Young Farmers
Sammy Bowden's team have had an amazing season so far, losing only to league toppers and the Young Farmers have made a decent start in their debut season. Farmers bring great strength to the court but Marbree bring speed any incredible accuracy in their shooting with Amy Musson and Christie Morgan very rarely missing.
Marbree for the win.

Missfits B v Thompson C
There have been some changes within the Thompson team which saw their form take a dip. Starting the new year afresh, they should take 3 points from the young Missfits side.

Route 1 Sparks v PWC Sapphires
Both teams have had some mixed results and there was only five goals between them in their last encounter. Sapphires can be prone to some clumsy play which Sparks will be looking to take advantage of and covert to goals. Sparks for the win.

C&S Green v Route 1 Turbos
Turbos are unbeaten and it is likely to remain so after this game. C&S have had a good season and are currently sitting in third place in the table but the strength of Turbos may prove too much for them. Turbos for the win.

Thompson D v C&S Yellow
A win for C&S could see them overtake Thompson in the table so the stakes are quite high for this game. The Thompson girls have come on a huge amount since the start of the season, finishing before Christmas drawing with the their higher ranked sister team. If they keep their heads up, they should win although it will be close.

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