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Ayre Clay Target Club Report

Thu, 30 Jan 2014  09:45

Ten hardy shooters took part in the fourth round of Ayre Clay Target Club’s English Sporting Winter League at a very wet and windy Blue Point on Sunday.  The decision had been made the previous day to move the stands under the relative shelter of the Olympic Trap range.


Kevin Oates led after the first 25 of 50 targets, hitting 20.  Richie Howland and George Davies were one target behind on 19.


The highest score of the day came in the second round as Kneen hit 22 to take the win on 40.  Oates, Howland and Nigel Moffatt were joint second on 34.



A Class: 1, Martin Kneen 40; 2, Kevin Oates 34; 3, George Davies 28.

B Class: 1, Ted Kermeen.

C Class: 1=, Richie Howland and Nigel Moffatt 34; 3, Jack Kneen 31.


This week at Blue Point is a 50 target Down the Line competition.  Entries close at 10.15am.

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