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Sat, 01 Mar 2014  09:08

CuPlas St Ninians A are presently on top of Mixed League One but in their most recent match they lost their unbeaten record to Celton Fencibles A.


League results for the week ending 21st February 2014.


Mixed League 1


Celton Fencibles A 10 CuPlas St Ninians A 8


Mixed League 2


Nationwide Michael A 16 Sulby Glen Sulby 0


Mixed League 4


Microgaming Marown C 14 Celton Fencibles C 3


Closest game of the night saw Marown’s Adam Pyatt-Coppell and Jess Lloyd gain a tight 21/13 15/21 21/19 win against Fencible’s Brian Purdy and Georgina Li at first mixed. Georgina Li  gained Fencibles only win on the night partnering Sarah Houghton to a straight games victory over Emma Williams and Sue Keown. PC


Mixed League 5


Citywing Vikings C 15  CuPlas St Ninians C 2


Men’s League 3


CuPlas St Ninians B 237 Celton Fencibles B 190


Microgaming Marown C 199 Duncan Lawrie Selborne B 230


Men’s League 4


Magee & Co Castletown/Abbey B 246 Citywing Vikings B 174


Vikings  needed to secure points against Castletown/Abbey  to keep their hopes alive in league 4, but that task quickly became insurmountable. The first couple of games saw Castletown/Abbey's Graham Coffey and Stuart Lyon take two convincing victories 21/7 21/12 against Derek Gray and Neil Cartwright, and the trend continued. At the half way point Castletown/Abbey had a commanding 48 points lead. The second half of the night was a more closely fought affair, but overall the outcome was never in doubt as Castletown/Abbey secured themselves three points and first place in league 4 with a match in hand. NT



Men’s League 6


Citywing Vikings 231 Celton Fencibles D 208


Women’s League 1


CuPlas St Ninians A 252 PWC Castletown/Abbey A 160


Women’s League 3


Duncan Lawrie Selborne B 238 Celton Fencibles B 217


Women’s League 4


Microgaming Marown B 222 Tynwald Celts B 191



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