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Netball Predictions 9th March 2014

Fri, 07 Mar 2014  19:41


Toomraiders v PWC Rubies

Goal difference and a game in hand is the thing keeping the Rubies ladies from the bottom of the table whereas Toomraiders are sitting comfortably in fourth place. Toomraiders are scoring an average of 14 more goals per game while conceding 8 less per game. That doesn't mean that this game will be a walkover as Rubies will be desparately be trying to gain ground to pull away from the bottom of the table. Overall I think the Rubies ladies will be overwhelmed by the speed and strength of Toomraiders and the three points will be theirs. 


C&S Red v Route 1 Connections

This should be a close fought match as first and second place respectively go head to head. A win for Route 1 could turn the league on its head and a win for C&S would take them one step closer to securing their second consecutive league title so there is a lot riding on this. Route 1 failed to get half points when they met C&S earlier in the season so they will be looking to rectify this.

Both team have strong defence Route 1 conceding an average of one more goal per game, but C&S are scoring 8 more goals per game. It will be a close match and if you want to see some great netball then this will be the match to watch. C&S to win.


SMP Ballasalla A v Magic Carpets

Third place Ballasalla go head to head with the bottom of the table Magic Carpets. When these teams met earlier in the season Ballasalla scored four times the number of goals of Magic Carpets with a final scoreline of 68 - 14. As we are down to the last few games of the season Ballasalla will be making their claim for the league title and will be looking to again rack up a similar score line. Should be a fairly one sided affair with Ballasalla claiming the three points.


Missfits A v Thompson Travel A

Thompson had to concede this match earlier in the season, so this first encounter could be interesting. Missfits sit above Thompson in the table with a game in hand; a win for Thompson could see a switch in positions though. These teams are fairly evenly matched scoring the same number of goals per game, however Thompson are conceding 12 more goals per game. This should a be a great game and a close one. It could really go either way, but Thompson could just take the lead by a point or two.



First Division

Thompson Travel B v Team DQ

Thompson are missing key mid court players this week, which should make this already tough fixture even harder for the Thompson ladies. DQ are placed below Thompson in the league but they have a game in hand, a win for them here could see them leapfrog Thompson to take third place. DQ won their last encounter earlier in the season and they will be looking for the same result. If Thompson can keep their heads up they should give DQ a good run for their money though. DQ to win but Thompson will be hot on their tails.


Pokerstars v PWC Emeralds

Pokerstars continue to dominate this division and will be looking to cement their promotion to the Premiership with a win over mid table Emeralds. Emeralds are suffering with the loss of their GA to injury at the minute which will do them no favours here. Pokerstars are strong throughout the court, their strong defence has helped concede the fewest goals of any of the teams in this division and Beckie King and Becca Cubbon’s precision shooting means they are scoring an average of 41 goals a game; which is 16 more than Emeralds. Pokerstars to win.


C&S White v Absolute Scaffolding

Absolute Scaffolding failed to get half points when these teams met earlier in the season and a win for C&S could see them draw level on points with the Ramsey ladies and even overtake Emeralds in the process. Absolute have suffered with injuries this season  which has seen key players missing. Both teams have their strengths, C&S are quick particularly on loose balls and turning over interceptions, and Absolute  have experience and a cracking defence. Expect a great game but C&S should take the win.


Fencibles A v Manx Glass Saints

Second placed Fencibles take on fifth placed Saints in what should be a feisty match. Saints failed to get half points in their earlier encounter this season and they will be looking to rectify this as they look to stay ahead of Scaffolding, Emeralds and C&S who are snapping at their heels. Fencibles are a quick and young team who are great at picking up on their opponents errors but Saints are strong with a great defence which they will need to slow down Fencibles GA Jess Smallwood. Expect a closer fought game but one that Fencibles should win.



Second Division

Route 1 Sparks v C&S Green

Route 1 and C&S are in third and fourth place respectively and after this match, C&S will secure their third place finish for the season. C&S have put in some great performances over the last few weeks and they are scoring an average of 28 goals per game whereas Route 1 are scoring 21. Route 1 are also conceding more goals. These numbers along with the fact that Route 1 only just managed to get half points in their last encounter should ensure a win for the C&S ladies.


Missfits B v Bobby Saddler's Young Farmers

The Young Farmer will be reeling from their hefty defeat again C&S Green last week, so they will need to step on court determined to win. Missfits will be looking for the win to pull themselves off the bottom of the table. Farmers have had a great first season and they show some really great defence, conceding about 70 less goals than their opponents. Missfits have had some great games but this young team have been a little inconsistent which Farmers will take advantage of to secure the win.


Marbree Motors v Thompson C

Marbree scored four times the number of goals of Thompson C in their last encounter which Thompson will be looking to improve on, this time round. Thompson will need to work hard as Marbree are quick and strong and have improved a lot over the season, securing second place in the league and looking likely to stay there. If Thompson can keep their heads in the game and not get disheartened they should give Marbree a good run for their money but it will still be Marbree's game.


PWC Sapphires v Route 1 Turbos

Turbos have been unbeaten this season and they will remain unbeaten after this game. Sapphires have had mixed fortunes which has seen drawing level points with two other teams in the lower end of the table. They will need to put in their best performance if they hope to even get a point in this fixture. Route 1 Turbos to win.

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