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Thu, 13 Mar 2014  16:18

With only a handful of matches remaining to be played, another three Mixed League titles have now been decided.  CuPlas St Ninians A have won league one, Citywing Vikings B league three and Magee and Co Castletown/Abbey B have won league four. Duncan Lawrie Selborne B have taken the Mens League three title.


League results for the week ending 7th March 2014.


Mixed League 2


Microgaming Marown B 8 RL360 Rushen A 11


Marown got off to a good start with Darren Richards and Jim Clucas at second mens winning in three games after losing the first 20/22 against Richard Kerr and Michael Broadbent.  At second womens Janet Corkish and Amanda Munro had a comfortable win in two games for Rushen.  It was then Marown who had a comfortable win at first mens with Campbell Guy and Adam Colley winning in two games.  Kirree Ronan and Carole Ennett then had a good win for Rushen at first womens again in two games.  This gave Rushen a 5/4 lead after the level doubles,.  The mixed started with fourth mixed being won by Rushen’s Broadbent and Munro in three close games against Richards and Abby Turton 21/15 10/21 24/22.  Third mixed was won by Kerr and Ennett for Rushen 21/17 22/20 against Clucas and Sarah Pressley.  Marown then won second mixed with Colley and Sharon Kelly beating Rob Mason and Corkish 21/16 22/20.  First mixed went to a third game and it was Rushen’s Neil and Kirree Ronan who eventually won 21/18 19/21 21/19 against Guy and Anna Robinson. 


Mixed League 3


Duncan Lawrie Selborne C 2 Citywing Vikings B 16


Vikings B confirmed their promotion with another emphatic win, very well done to them. Disappointing result for Selborne C however - leaves them five points ahead of Fencibles B and relying on St Ninians B to do well in the final match in this league. Selborne were fielding two reserves at second mens who hadn't featured in mixed matches this season - Sid McKnight and Ean Crellin. Both played really well despite losing 17/21 13/21 to Mark Falconer and David Craig. Selborne’s Renee Michalogiannis and Gill Young were also unlucky not to get anything from their 18/21 19/21 loss to Lynda Cadamy and Yvonne Falconer. Neil and Ray McMullen for Selborne won their first game 22/20but lost the second and third games against Neil Brew and an improving Sam Mills, while Denise Foxton and Fiona Brew took first womens in two games for Vikings. Mark and Yvonne Falconer won fourth mixed 21/13 21/13 versus Crellin and Michalogiannis who gave it a good go. McKnight and Gill Young then did well to get Selborne's other point when losing 21/9 18/21 13/21 to Craig and Cadamy, before Vikings won the top two mixed. RM


Mixed League 4


Magee & Co Castletown/Abbey B 15 Celton Gold Peel A 3


Castletown Abbey B secured top place in Mixed League 4 with their most emphatic victory of the season. The final scoreline however does not do Peel justice with eight ends concluded by a difference of fewer than four points and five of those games being set. NT

Celton Fencibles C 7 RL360 Rushen B 11


Mixed League 5


Tynwald Celts B 14 Ayre Mowers Sulby 11


Mixed League 6


Caley Stores Sulby 16 PWC Castletown/Abbey C 0


Mens’s League 2


Microgaming Marown B 243 RL360 Rushen A 177


Men’s League 3


CuPlas St Ninians B 231 Sulby Glen Sulby 214


Duncan Lawrie Selborne B 242 Celton Fencibles B 201


Men’s League 5


Citywing Vikings C 229 Duncan Lawrie Selborne D 195


Men’s League 6


Celton Fencibles D 212 Tynwald Celts B 226


Women’s League 2


RL360 Rushen B 179 Duncan Lawrie Selborne B 217


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