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Mon, 17 Mar 2014  16:42

A further three titles have now been decided.  Kella Farms Sulby have secured Mixed League 6 whilst Microgaming Marown A have won Women’s League 1 and Citywing Vikings A have won promotion by topping Women’s League 2.


League results for the week ending 14th March 2014.


Mixed League 1


Microgaming Marown A 16  Citywing Vikings A  3


Marown had an emphatic 16-3 win to ensure league 1 badminton next season.  Second mens saw two very close games with Marowns John Quinn and Kevin Druggan taking the first game 22/20 against David Buck and Mark Falconer before the Vikings pair won the second game 21/19. The Marown pairing got into their stride in the third game to take it 21/9.  Second womens saw a convincing win for Kath Kermode and Janet Sayle of Marown.  First mens was a very good match with Cameron Avery and Danny O'Hare of Marown beating Matthew Nicholson and Steve Allen 22/20 21/15.  Olivia Avery and Angela Waite took the first game 21/10 against Sam and Yvonne Irvine of Vikings with the sisters winning the next 21/19 with the Marown paring taking the decider 21/12.  All the mixed were won by Marown, the only contest requiring a third game was second mixed with Allen and Yvonne Irvine taking the first game 21/15 before Cameron Avery and Kermode took the next two games 21/11 21/11.  Vikings will wait anxiously now to see the results of Fencibles A v Castletown/Abbey A which will decide which one of these three clubs is relegated SN


Mixed League 2


Nationwide Michael A 4  Duncan Lawrie Selborne A 12


Mixed League 3


Tynwald Celts A 4 CuPlas St Ninians B 14


Mixed League 4


Magee & Co Castletown/Abbey B 13  Celton Fencibles C 4


Fencibles C had it all to do on Tuesday to avoid relegation when they met already league winners  Castletown/Abbey B for their final game of the season. In the end however there were no big surprises as Castletown/Abbey maintained their unbeaten record holding Fencibles to a 13–4 victory. Particularly impressive was the performance of Castletown's last minute stand-in, 13 year old Pippa Slater who, partnered with Nick Thornley, was able to take a game against Fencibles' Paul Flanders and Sarah Buss.  NT

Mixed League 5


RL360 Rushen C 2    CuPlas St Ninians C 14


The final League 5 match of the season for Rushen C resulted in a 14-2 victory for St Ninians C at Castle Rushen High School, with none of the matches going to three. The lowest score achieved by Rushen in their first games of each set was 18. Five out of seven sets lost by Rushen could have easily swung the other way, but for a few points. The closest and most fast paced of the sets was between Rushen's first mens Jonny Weir and Nick Fullerton against Calvin Smith and Alex Hewlett of St Ninians, with St Ninians the eventual winners 24/22 21/16. The only win on the night for Rushen was at second mens where Thomas Harmstone and David Leigh defeated Harry Peake and Jamie Watts 21/18 21/15. DL


Mixed League 6


Kella Farms Sulby  11    Nationwide Michael B 7


Kella Farms Sulby won League 6 this week, narrowly defeating Kirk Michael with an overall score of 11-7 in their last match of the season. The teams were in pole position with 64 and 63 points respectively and after drawing 10-all at Kirk Michael earlier in the season both sides knew it would be a tense close night. The first game between second mens didn't disappoint, going to 23/21, with Sulby carrying on strongly taking the first three matches 2-0. In the first women’s game Kirk Michael's Jo Moore and Jess Corlett scored the first points for their team with a decisive 21/5 win. While Sulby's Elly Livesey and Sarah Clarke rallied strongly for the second game it wasn't quite enough with Kirk Michael taking their second game 25/23. The league title was decided at fourth mixed between Ian Collister and Joan Hughes of Sulby against Matthew Parslow and Rosie Hesketh.  Kirk Michael had to win the night by two games or more to take the league title and they were deprived the chance to do this when Collister and Hughes won 21/16 21/18. CJ



Mens’s League 2


Celton Fencibles A 73   PWC Castletown/Abbey A 252


Men’s League 4


Duncan Lawrie Selborne C 182    Tynwald Celts A 250


Women’s League 1


Celton Fencibles A 209 CuPlas St Ninians A 238


Microgaming Marown A 252 PWC Castletown/Abbey A 147



Women’s League 2


Citywing Vikings A 252 RL360 Rushen A 175


Vikings A secured league 2 with a 252-175 win over Rushen A in what was a good spirited match.  Vikings started off well with Sam Irvine and Yvonne Irvine beating Kirree Ronan and Carole Ennett 21/16 21/12 which Emma Nicholson and Charlotte Dougherty backed up with a 21/6 21/13 win over Sarah Goldie and Janet Corkish.  Vikings won their remaining matches to make this a third women’s league title this season  with their B and C teams having already secured leagues 3 and 4. SN


Women’s League 4


Tynwald Celts A 252 Tynwald Celts B 123

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