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Thu, 20 Mar 2014  16:19

9 man Kirk Michael beat 13 man Sulby

            Kirk Michael had a short distance to travel for their final match of the 2013/14 indoor league and came away from the hosts range, the victors in Division 1 but loosing the Division 2 and Division 3 matches. Top scores for the Sulby team went to Peter Faragher and Barry Jones, both hitting 98 with another pairing on 96, Julian Teare and Teddy Sayle. For the visitors, Tom Lord appears to have found his missing mojo as he surpasses his last week’s excellent score and posts a 98 along with two junior shooters, Illiam Christian and Alex Trafford 98.



Sulby                                                   Kirk Michael

Division 1

Peter Faragher            98                    Tom Lord                     98

Barry Jones                 98                    Illiam Christian (J)       98

Julian Teare                96                    Alex Trafford (J)          98

Teddy Sayle                 96                    Perryn Callister (L)      96

Will Quayle                 95                    Kevin Quinn                 95

                                    483                                                      485


Division 2

Orry Teare                  95                    Suzanne McKnight (L) 95

Peter Webb                 95                    Oliver Fleming (J)       94

Mark Boyde                95                    Geoff Sayle                  90

Mark Cain                   94                    David Lord                   88

Phil Quayle                  94                                                        00

                                    473                                                      367


Division 3

Jim Teare                    92

Rod Forshaw               89

Don Ault                      87                                                        00

                                    268                                                      00



‘Port produce their best result of the season and prove to be sportsmen !

            Port St Mary hosted the team from Cossacks who have shown this season, that they will soon become a team to be wary of, as some of the youngsters are now producing excellent scores. Thanks for their improvement must go to the energy, enthusiasm and dedication being given by the senior members of Cossacks, Ronnie Fairbairn, John Cottier and Chris Clague, without the likes of such individuals, competitive rifle shooting on the island could well disappear. The hosts for the match, were on wonderful form and produced magnificent and consistent scores in all three Divisions. Kevan Kneale was top shot and produced his second full house of the season which will now involve a shoot off for the ‘double 100’ competition. Paul Clague and Gary Knight both posted 99’s with Juan Clague and junior shooter Patrick Cubbon, slightly behind on 98. Four posted scores of 96 in Division 3 is a staggering result and in the same vein as Cossacks, Derek Kermode, Gary Knight and Peter Lewis for Port St Mary, are producing some exciting young shooters and their involvement should be recognised and appreciated by all. I understand a terrific act of sportsmanship occurred at the Port match when Jess Clague forgot some kit and Derek Kermode set her up using some of the home team’s equipment including a jacket, sling and glove – Jess then proceeded to shoot and posted a team leading, terrific score of 99. Now THAT is what sportsmanship is all about – congratulations and thanks to Derek and the guys at Port St Mary.



Port St Mary                                      Cossacks

Division 1

Kevan Kneale              100                  Jess Clague (L)                        99

Paul Clague                 99                    Tim Hardisty               98

Gary Knight                 99                    Fergus Coulter (J)        97

Juan Clague                 98                    Andy Mitchel               95

Patrick Cubbon (J)       98                    Ronnie Fairbairn         94

                                    494                                                      483


Division 2

Ean Brewis                  98                    Chris Clague                93

Harry Harrison            97                    John Cottier                 93

George Dalton-Brown (J)            97                    Alfie Leach (J)             93

Callum Grant (J)          97                    Jonathon Webb (J)      92

Liam Townsend (J)      97                    Laurie Cain                  90

                                    486                                                      461


Division 3

Derek Kermode           96                    Anthony Cawte (J)       84

Ashley Gardner (J)      96                    Callam McPhillips (J)  76

Patrick Kerr (J)                        96                   

Jordan Kiernan (J)       96       

Orry Kerr (J)                92                                                        00

                                    476                                                      160


Additional Shooters

Peter Gelling               92

Graham Brown           89



Skelton hits her first 100

            It’s known as ‘murphy’s law’ – Tracey Skelton produced her first 100 in the indoor league, in the last match of the season. A disappointed IoM Douglas team hosted the Island Champions Laxey, in a tight match at Sinclair Range where the hosts lost Division 1 but won Divisions 2 and 3. Skelton was obviously top shot for IoMSC Douglas posting her 100, with Mike Duncalf, Andy Potter and 17 year old Josh Maclaughlin all hitting 98’s and Tony Leadley making up the Division 1 team on 97. Although it has yet to be confirmed, it is thought that Mike Duncalf’s 98 will result in him becoming IoM Rifle Association Indoor League 2013/14 Champion. The visiting team once again produced their consistent form, a symbol of their 2013/14 success, with Suzanne Curphey and John Wood on 99 and Nick Kennish, Harry Creevy and Peter Clague all recording 98. 


IoMSC Douglas                                   Laxey

Division 1       

Tracey Skelton            (L)        100                  Suzanne Curphey (L)   99

Mike Duncalf              98                    John Wood                  99

Andy Potter                 98                    Nick Kennish                98

Josh Maclaughlin (J)   98                    Harry Creevy               98

Tony Leadley               97                    Peter Clague               98

                                    491                                                      492


Division 2

Martin Burns               97                    Andrew Jessop            97

Thomas Clague (J)      96                    Stephen Curphey         97

Mike Clague                96                    James Hewison (J)       96

Mark Osborn               96                    Bridget Kneale (L)       93

Paul Perkins                95                    Bill Snelling                 94

                                    480                                                      477


Division 3

Dave Humphrey          95                    Gary Kneale                92

Nick Brown                  95                    Judy Kee (L)                 92

Aaron Astill (J)             92

Christian Eaton (J)       88

Sam Jones (J)               87                                                        00

                                    457                                                      184



IoMSC Sandsiders win 2 loose 1

            IoMSC Sandsiders travelled over the Ballamoda to The Stadium, Castletown and came away with an excellent win in Divisions 1 and 2 with Castletown claiming Division 3. Top shot for the home team was Nigel Christian on 99 with Shirley Caley, Henry Qualtrough and Mike Thompson all producing 96. The visitors had Marion Jones and Richie Arthur on 99 and Tony Kneale posting 98.


Castletown                                         IoMSC Sandsiders

Division 1

Nigel Christian                        99                    Marion Jones (L)         99

Shirley Caley (L)          96                    Richard Arthur                        99

Henry Qualtrough       96                    Tony Kneale                98

Mike Thompson          96                    Bill Jones                     97

Chris Birtwhistle         95                    Andy Traynor              97

                                    482                                                      490


Division 2

Andy Bell                     95                    Ian Arthur                    96

Steve Gardner             94                    Terry Green                96

Robin McFee               93                    Liz Jones (L)                 92

Lauren Cooper (L)       91                    Norman Ormrod         92

John-Paul Bridson       89                    Chris Ollett                  91

                                    462                                                      467


Division 3

Reg Caley                    85                    Phil Kneen                   90

Duncan Watterson      81                                                        00

                                    166                                                      90


            Hopefully, I should be able to let everyone know where they have finished in the aggregate of the league in next week’s column.


Round 9 results of the Ulster Counties Postal League

            The following are the results from round 9 of the Ulster Counties Postal League and I will list the Division, name, followed by the position.

50 metre –

Division 1 – Mike Duncalf 1st, Bill Jones 8th,

Division 2 – Tom Lord 2nd, Ashley Gardner (Snr) 4th,

Division 3 – Richie Arthur 4th, Perryn Callister 5th, Barry Jones 6th, Mike Clague 7th, Paul Smethurst 9th,

Division 4 – Dave Bould 2nd, Tony Kneale 3rd, Steve Callus 6th,

Division 5 – Illiam Christian 1st, Andy Traynor 2nd, Liz Jones 4th, Alex Trafford 5th,

Division 6 – Tracey Skelton 1st, Aaron Astill 8th.

Short Range (indoor)

Division 1 – Kevan Kneale (PSM) 7th,

Division 2 – Ashley Gardner (Snr) 8th,

Division 3 – Richie Arthur (IoMSCS) 1st,

Division 4 Ashley Gardner (Jnr) (PSM) 2nd, Jess Clague (CSSKS) 6th, Harry Harrison (PSM) 7th, Chris Birtwhistle (CSTN) 8th,

Division 5 – Lorrie Thompson (CSTN) 10th, Mike Clague (IoMSCD) 1st, Juan Clague (PSM) 7th,

Division 6 – Barry Jones (SBY) 5th, Tony Kneale (IoMSCS) 6th, Gary Knight (PSM) 8th,

Division 7 – Kevin Quinn (KM) 6th,

Division 8 – Chris Clague (SBY) 5th, Dave Bould (PSM) 8th,

Division 9 – Nick Brown (IoMSCD) 3rd, Mike Thompson (CSTN) 7th,

Division 10 -  Steve Callus (IoMSCS) 2nd,

Division 11 – Perryn Callister (KM) 1st, Liz Jones (IoMSCS) 2nd, Robin McFee (CSTN) 4th, Peter Lewis (PSM) 5th,

Division 12 Tracey Skelton (IoMSCD) 3rd, George Dalton – Brown (PSM) 9th,

Division 14 – Richard Faragher (SBY) 7th,

Division 15 – Illiam Christian (KM) 1st, Callum Grant (PSM) 4th, Ronnie Fairbairn (SBY) 6th, Orry Kerr (PSM) 7th, Patrick Kerr (PSM) 9th,

Division 16 – Alex Trafford (KM) 2nd,

Division 17 – Dave Handscombe (CSTN) 4th, Rod Forshaw (SBY) 5th,

Division 18 – Jordan Kiernan (PSM) 5th, George Powell (PSM) 7th,

Junior short range –

Division 1 – Ashley Gardner (PSM) 1st,

Division 2 – Illiam Christian (KM) 3rd, Orry Kerr (PSM) 7th, George Dalton – Brown (PSM) 9th,

Division 3 – Alex Trafford (KM) 1st, Callum Grant (PSM) 5th, Patrick Kerr (PSM) 6th,

Division 4 – Jordan Kiernan (PSM) 4th, George Powell (PSM) 6th


In the team event Division C, Sulby and Kirk Michael are in third and fourth position on equal points with the two teams ahead but their position is due to aggregate score. The team results were - Sulby – Jess Clague 95, Barry Jones 95 and Richard Faragher 94 = 284 to Comber C = 192. Kirk Michael team Suzanne McKnight 97, Kevin Quinn 97 and Perryn Callister 99 = 293 to Kingsgate B = 288. Division F is the only other local team involved, Castletown and the team produced a score of 279 to East Antrim E score of 270 – the local team was Robin McFee 95, Dave Handscombe 92 and Lauren Cooper 92. This result leaves the Castletown team in pole position 42 points ahead of East Antrim E

            With just the final round to be scored, we have several excellent results from all the locals competing – good luck to all in the final round.


Dates for your Diaries

Monday March 31st is the date for the Rural Industries, Town v Country

The team’s are yet to be announced.

            Due to at least 2 Island shooters hitting 100’s during the Winter League, there will need to be a final to decide the overall winner – the date and location is yet to be decided.


Isle of Man Rifle Association Annual Dinner and Prize Presentation

            The Isle of Man Rifle Association has announced the venue for the 2014 Annual Dinner and Prize Presentation. The event will be held on Saturday April 12th at the Wentworth Suite (the golf club) of the Mount Murray Hotel – 7.30 for 8 pm. A vegetarian main course is available and the ticket price is £24 per person. The Association have asked if interested parties could inform Lorrie Thompson by Friday April 4th with numbers and if the vegetarian option is required. Support from local clubs and friends for this event would be appreciated.




Easter Shoot Festival

            I have been asked to remind those interested that the final date for entries to be received for the Easter Shooting Festival is Saturday April 5th. All entries are classified and categories include Classes A, B, C, D, junior, 50 + and 60 + and is open to all. I can assure you that the atmosphere is truly magical and gives everyone a little experience of competitive but friendly sport. Entry forms can be found at;


2014 Summer Leagues

            Sunday April 6th sees the Isle of Man Shooting Club monthly handicap match at Sinclair and although it may appear to be a little early in the year, activities at Sinclair are stirring, with the outdoor season of Osborn 600 matches, Empire Garage Tynwald Shield and Sadler Junior Championships commencing on Monday April 28th. If there are any indoor shooters who would like to continue their shooting during the summer, they would be made very welcome at The Sinclair Range to try the experience. The range is open on Saturday and Sunday mornings from around 10 a.m.

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