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Tue, 25 Mar 2014  11:50

The Isle of Man Archery Club met on Sunday to shoot a Fita round as part of the Club’s Handicap league. The adults shoot at a triple face target, one arrow into each face. The juniors shoot on a larger single face. The scratch total is then adjusted by handicap to give the overall result.

The highest scratch Compound score of the day was recorded by Sarah Rigby. The highest Recurve score of the day went to Barbara Harris. It was to be the Juniors’ day though. James Hill, with his newly acquired handicap, was eligble to be included in the competition for the first time and shot well enough to take third place. Jack Tyrer had a terrific day adding 53 points to his previous best score for the round but after adjustment he had to settle for second place behind Joseph Reaney. Joseph added 2 points to his personal best score to take the win by some margin. Bradley Layton also added a point to his pb, but his low handicap meant that he had to settle for tenth place.

Karen Lott elected to shoot a barebow round. As the name suggests, the bow is stripped of all shooting aids. Karen has become adept with the barebow, setting or breaking Club Records on an almost weekly basis. Sunday was no exception, her score of 508 added 40 points to her pb and set a New Club Record.

Results Fita Handicap: - 1. Joseph Reaney 1529 (56 306 2)pb, 2. Jack Tyrer 14 74 (58 374 3)pb, 3. James Hill 1448 (34 169 1)pb, 4. Dave Moore 1444 (60 564 30), 5. B. Harris 1442 (59 523 15), 6. S. Rigby 1436 (60 567 27), =6. Josh Trafford 1436 (59 427 2), 8. K. George 1435 (60 560 23), 9. Colin Moore 1431 (60 542 13), 10. Bradley Layton 1429 (60 473 6)pb, 11. Tony Hartley 1425 (60 519 16), 12. Danny Cowin 1406 (53 428 10).

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