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Netball Predictions 30th March 2014

Fri, 28 Mar 2014  23:09

Toomraiders v SMP Ballasalla B
Fourth place Toomraiders take on eighth place SMP Ballasalla B in their last league fixtures! These teams will be playing for pride as their finishing positions are already decided and a win for either team won't change this. Their last encounter earlier in the season saw Toomraiders win by almost 20 goals. Both teams have demonstrated they are capable of some amazing play but this game should she Toomraiders take fourth place.
Missfits A v PWC Rubies
Rubies currently sit on level points with Magic Carpets at the bottom of the table so will be hoping to secure a win  to pull themselves out of the danger of the relegation zone. Their match with Missfits earlier in the season was a close fought affair with Rubies losing by five goals. Although not much separates these teams in terms of the goals they have scored but Missfits are scoring an average of 13 goals less per game. It could come down to the wire but Missfits should win.
SMP Ballasalla A v C&S Blue
Ballasalla have scored more goals than any other team in the league, scoring an average of a whopping 54 goals per game. C&S have had some unexpected injuries and may need to look to borrow players from their other teams so it will be a tough fixture for them. Balla won by more than 25 goals when they met earlier in the season and they will be going for the win again to stay in with a chance of getting their hands on the league title. Ballasalla for the win.
Thompson A v Magic Carpets
Thompson are sitting in the middle of the table and will be riding high after a cracking win last week. Magic Carpets on the other hand will almost certainly be relegated having conceded more goals than any team in any league. Their last encounter was a closely fought match with Thompson taking the win and Magic Carpets taking a consolation point. Thompson will look to finish their season on a high and even with some injuries they should manage a win here.
First Division
Thompson B v Fencibles A
After being promoted this season the Thompson ladies should be pretty pleased with a fourth place finish. Fencibles will be the league runners up and deservedly so after only losing to the league toppers. Fencibles had one of their lowest scoring games against Thompson and some of the team are currently away competing with the Island schools team so they could be flagging by Sunday. Fencibles will bring out the best in Thompson but it may not be enough and Fencibles could take the win by a goal or two. 
Manx Glass Saints v Absolute Scaffolding
This fixture will determine who will finish in fifth place. A win for Scaffolding would see them secure their place and a win for Saints would see them leap frog Scaffolding. Very little separates these teams and it will come down to who can field the strongest team on the day. Could be a draw or Saints by a point or two.
C&S White v Fencibles B
Fencibles B have really struggled this season and they will be relegated to the second division whatever the outcome of this match is. C&S will be looking at getting in to a scuffle in the middle of the table as there are three teams with just one point between them and the outcomes of their matches will decide their fate. Expect a good win for C&S
Team DQ v Anglo Manx Electrical
DQ have scored twice as many goals as their opponents and this should be a relatively one sided affair. Anglo have had a tough season but they have had some inspired play along the way, unfortunately just not enough. DQ will finish their season on a high with a third place finish.
Second Division
Marbree Motors v Route 1 Turbos
Turbos will finish this season as the only undefeated team in any of the leagues which is a great achievement for their first season. Marbree have also had a great season and had some impressive scorelines along the way which will secure them the runner's up position. Marbree will be hoping for a closer affair than their previous encounter when they lost by 20 goals but Turbos will still win and earn a place in the first division.
PWC Sapphires v Thompson D
Thompson are currently bottom of the table which is not a fair reflection of how hard they have worked this season. There were just a few goals in it when these teams last met with Sapphires snatching victory by just a couple of goals. Sapphires have actually conceded more goals than than Thompson but they have also scored more. Thompson have beaten higher ranked teams but it is a case of confidence and with a couple of key players missing this could affect them. Could be a draw.
Thompson C v Bobby Saddler's Young Farmers
If Thompson can win this and their fixture against their D team they will be looking at finishing the league in fourth place so there is a lot at stake for them. The Young Farmers have had a mixed bag for their first season but they have done well under the guidance of Margie McGee. Both teams have strengths and this will not be a one sided affair. Thompson are struggling to field a team though but I still think they could just about do it.
C&S Yellow v Missfits B
Currently Missfits sit ahead of C&S in the table but only by one point so a win for either team will be key to deciding their final league position. C&S scored three times the number of goals of Missfits in their last match, but both teams have scored a similar amount overall and Missfits are conceding an average of just one more goal. A close match which C&S should takeaway the three points.
Predictions by Michelle O'Malley
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