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Sun, 01 Jun 2014  11:31

Guy pleased with
Guy pleased with "another" second

Guy Martin put his Yoshimura powered GSX-R1000 Tyco Suzuki on the second rung of the podium in today’s thrilling six-lap Superbike TT encounter on the Isle of Man. The Lincolnshire rider posted his fourteenth career TT podium in the 226-mile race in sun drenched conditions.

William Dunlop took sixth place in the Superbike TT encounter with a personal best TT lap on the sixth and final circuit at 130.239mph. Martin’s best effort was on lap two with a personal best on the day of 130.969mph.

Guy Martin:
“That was a good effort and I really enjoyed it but I suppose it’s another second place. The bike never missed a beat and the boys did a mega job today, but I have to take my hat off to Michael [Dunlop] as he’s riding well. I knew Conor [Cummins] was catching me on the final lap and I actually thought I might have to re-pass Michael on the road and make an extra big effort, but I right enjoyed that. It’s not even dinner time yet, so I suppose we can go do a day’s work now!”

William Dunlop:
“I wanted to relax today and let the race come to me but I relaxed a bit too much in those opening laps. When Conor came past I could run with him quite easily but made a little mistake into Parliament Square Ramsey. I’m happy enough with sixth place as the bike worked well and I know there’s more to come in Friday’s Senior. And to knock in my best ever lap on lap six… yeah that was pretty good and shows how well the Tyco Suzuki is working and the confidence I have in the whole package.”

Philip Neill – Team Manager:
“That will do nicely to start race week at TT2014. We obviously want to win and each year we give it our very best efforts, however I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: these races are not easily won and it’s important to remember that. Our GSX-R1000s have performed faultlessly all week and both our riders gave their best efforts today, so to come away with both bikes in the top six and one on the podium is great for us and for our sponsors Tyco Security Products. A big thanks to Guy, William and everyone involved with Tyco Suzuki for their efforts today and we now look forward to pushing for more podiums throughout the week.”

Superbike TT Result [6 laps]
Winner: Michael Dunlop [BMW] 1:45:46.384sec/128.415sec; 2nd – Guy Martin [Tyco Suzuki] +20sec; 3rd – Conor Cummins [Honda] +3sec; 4th – Bruce Anstey [Honda] +21sec; 5th – Michael Rutter [BMW] +16.4sec; 6th – William Dunlop [Suzuki] +10sec; 7th – John McGuinness [Honda] +1sec; 8th – Dean Harrison [Kawasaki] +41sec; 9th – James Hillier [Kawasaki] +24; 10th – Josh Brookes [Yamaha] +0.7sec

Fastest Lap [New Outright Lap Record] – Bruce Anstey [Honda] 132.298mph

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