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Tue, 17 Jun 2014  15:19

The IoM Archery Club met on Sunday to shoot a WA 1440 round as part of the Club’s Handicap League. The weather conditions were quite good, though the constant breeze made things a little chilly when the sun was obscured by cloud. The archers made the most of the conditions with seven of the posting personal best scores and another recording a season’s best for the round.

Fifteen archers turned up over the course of the day, although not all of them made the distance. Rhys Moore attempted the round but had to stop at the half way point after the shoulder injury he picked up playing rugby prevented him from carrying on. It was the first time Rhys had attempted a proper round since he was injured. Karen Lott similarly had to abandon the round, though she did not even manage to complete the first half of the shoot. Lack of practice due to work commitments and the TT fortnight combined with shoulder and back problems saw her pull out towards the end of the second distance. Other archers had better luck. Colin Moore added 10 points to his pb, Dave Moore added 6 points to his and Barbara Harris added 65 to hers. Danny Cowin, shooting the round for the first time posted a score which made him the clear winner after the handicap was applied.  Joy Gough posted a season’s best score of 1236.

Only four juniors turned up on Sunday, with only Charlotte Harris shooting for the whole day. Charlotte was shooting for the first time in some weeks due to exam commitments and was well below her best for the round. However she still posted a Junior Master Bowman equivalent score of 1001 for the Metric II round she shot according to her age group. Joseph Reaney added 11 points to his pb for the Short Metric II which gave second place after handicapping.

Results:- 1: Danny Cowin 1512 (138 903 6 3)pb, 2: Joseph Reaney 1490 (46 242 0 0)pb, 3: Dave Moore 1453 (144 1272 49 11)pb, 4: Barbara Harris 1428 ( 142 1044 16 4)pb, 5: Jack Tyrer 1422 (58 308 3 1), 6: Charlotte Harris 1417 (140 1001 15 1), 7: Joy Gough 1414 (144 1236 37 16), 8: Pete Mumford 1412 (144 1250 42 17), 9: Colin Moore 1386 (144 1184 17 4)pb, 10: Sarah Rigby 1384 (143 1298 56 21), 11: Tony Hartley 1359 (65 385 0 0), 12: Rhys Moore 1309 (56 263 0 0)pb.

Toby Young also shot Outdoors for the first time. He needs to post two more rounds before he can be given a handicap.   

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