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Ayre Clay Target Club Report

Tue, 15 Jul 2014  10:13

Ayre Clay Target Club hosted two championships at Blue Point at the weekend.


Saturday saw the annual Pheasant Flush which was won by last year’s runners up, Alan Kinrade and Kevin Oates on 74/100.  Second place was decided by a shoot-off which was won with a score of 71 by Paul Mihailovits and visiting shooter Simon Neville.  Former winners, father and son team Marty and Jack Kneen were third, also scoring 71.


Sunday was the English Skeet Manx Championship, kindly sponsored by JW Kneen and Son.  Jeff Corkill was high gun on 98/100.  Marty Kneen took silver after a shoot-off with Stan Cross who both scored 97.  After a full round shoot-off the pair were still tied, scoring 24/25.  Kneen finally broke the deadlock in the sudden death pairs on stand four, hitting all four as Cross missed one.


Result:  High Gun Jeff Corkill 98

A/B Class: 1, Marty Kneen 97+24+4; 2, Stan Cross 97+24+3; 3, Kevin Oates 96.

C Class: 1, Alan Kinrade 90; 2, Paul Mihailovits 89; 3, Michael Cross 88.

Juniors: 1, Michael Cross 88; 2, Jack Kneen 85.


Results of the Penketh-Millar sponsored 50 league which was shot at the same time:

A/B Class: 1, Martin Kneen 50/50; 2, Jeff Corkill 49; 3, Kevin Oates 48.

C Class: Paul Mihailovits 48; 2, Mark Riley 46; 3= Michael Cross, Giulio Fabrizio and Brian Mylrea 44.


This week is the 50/100 target DTL league, sponsored by Dave and Pam Corlett.  Entries close at 10.5am.

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