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Thu, 11 Sep 2014  17:25

Mike Duncalf was in devastating action on Sunday morning in the IoM Shooting Club Monthly Handicap, missing just 7 bulls from 60.
Mike Duncalf was in devastating action on Sunday morning in the IoM Shooting Club Monthly Handicap, missing just 7 bulls from 60.

Personal best for Duncalf secures Monthly Handicap win

            Mike Duncalf has had a little break from shooting for the last few weeks and it seems the break has paid off with a terrific personal best gun score of 593 x 600 in Sunday’s Monthly Handicap at Sinclair Range with near perfect weather conditions - a slight breeze and perfect light. Duncalf’s score shadowed Tracey Skelton’s 582 by eleven points and the other 8 shooters had considerably lower results. The winning gun score, once converted to handicap, gave Duncalf a five point lead from Skelton in second and another young lady in third, Perryn Callister. Results:-

1 – Mike Duncalf                    99, 99, 99, 98, 100, 98 = 593 + 13 H/C = 606

2 – Tracey Skelton                  97, 96, 97, 97, 96, 99 = 582 + 19 = 601

3 – Perryn Callister                 97, 94, 95, 96, 97, 90 = 569 + 31 = 600

4 – John Wood                        96, 96, 98, 95, 95, 96 = 576 + 22 = 598

5 – Alex Trafford                     91, 96, 93, 97, 90, 92 = 559 + 39 = 598

6 – Suzanne McKnight            96, 96, 96, 96, 95, 91 = 570 + 26 = 596

7 – Nick Brown                        95, 95, 92, 96, 92, 96 = 566 + 29 = 595

8 – Mike Clague                      97, 94, 98, 95, 95, 99 = 578 + 15 = 593

9 – Illaim Christian                 95, 94, 97, 92, 92, 91 = 561 + 29 = 590

10 – Bill Jones                         96, 96, 94, 97, 90, 91 = 564 + 23 = 587


Island competitors maintain excellent results in the Ulster Summer Postal Leagues

            I am grateful to Bill Jones who has forwarded the results for round 8 of the Ulster Counties Summer Leagues and these show that locals continue to post good results with many sitting in high positions in the various leagues. Five of our shooters hold pole position in the Divisions with four others in second slot. I will list the Division, the shooters name followed by their Division position –

Division 1 – Mike Duncalf       2nd      Tom Lord                     7th

Division 2 – Bill Jones                         1st

Division 3 - Andy Potter          2nd      Nick Brown                  5th

Division 4 – Martin Burns       1st       Suzanne McKnight      3rd

Division 5 – Tracey Skelton     1st       Richie Arthur 2nd

                      Andy Traynor    4th       Illiam Christian           5th

Division 6 – Mike Clague        1st       Perryn Callister           7th       Tony Kneale    8th

Division 7 – Steve Callus         2nd      Liz Jones                      5th

Division 9 – Alex Trafford       3rd

Division 10 – Thomas Clague             1st

            In the team event, the local team A of Mike Duncalf, Tom Lord and Bill Jones are shooting in Division A and lead by 4 points from the very strong team of Comber A. Division B sees another team of Suzanne McKnight, Richie Arthur and Tracey Skelton in pole position by just 1 point from Isle of Man B, the team of Andy Potter, Nick Brown and Martin Burns. In Division C, The Isle of Man E team of Mike Clague, Tony Kneale and Liz Jones, are in second slot on equal points value with Isle of Man D, Andy Traynor, Illiam Christian and Perryn Callister – the aggregate score makes the difference in this case. Finally, in Division D the local team of Steve Callus, Alex Trafford and Thomas Clague are in first position and cannot be beaten. Unfortunately, the junior section results were not included and will no doubt, follow in the next week or so however I am aware that our three fifteen year old juniors Illiam Christian, Alex Trafford and Thomas Clague, also hold excellent positions in that event too. The season has been very successfully shot by all locals and the results prove that we can supply the goods when required against some of the best teams in the UK.


More excellent results from the Polar Bear Postal League

            There is also local interest in the Polar Bear Postal League where we have four shooters in 3 Divisions and just a single team. In Division 3 Bill Jones is holding on to second position, just 1 point and .11 on aggregate from the leader with the final round yet to be scored. Andy Traynor is a little lower in Division 10 being in fourth slot, with Steve Callus and Liz Jones in second and third respectively in Division 13. Better news comes from the team event where Bill Jones, Andy Traynor and Steve Callus lead by 4 clear points and 52 points ahead on aggregate. Again, entries in this competition come from throughout the UK and show some high scores from many individuals and teams.


Dates for your Diaries


                The indoor range at Sinclair has now been converted to indoor use for teams to start training for the IoM Rifle Association Winter League but as usual, the 50 metre range is still available for outdoor training and the IoMSC monthly handicap matches. The Isle of Man Rifle Association’s Annual General Meeting will be held on Tuesday 23rd September, 7.50 for an 8pm start at Sinclair Range.

Please also note that an extended fixture list for the Winter Indoor League, which involves shooting against each of the other clubs 3 times per season rather than twice as previously, will be proposed at the AGM. The Executive Committee has recommended that the new format be approved and implemented for the forthcoming 2014/15 season.



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