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Tue, 16 Sep 2014  10:50

A small but select group of archers met at Greeba on Sunday to contest the Nev Mason Long Haul Trophy. This is a special round devised by the late Neville Mason, a club stalwart who shot longbow during the outdoor season. Unable to reach some of the longer distances required for standard competition Nev came up with the Long Haul – three dozen arrows shot at each of two distances 60 and 40yds, shot on large target faces (122cm), but using metric scoring. He also donated a fabulous handmade Trophy which is presented to the winner each year and is highly coveted by club members.

 The competition is restricted to barebow recurve (that is no sights, clickers, long rods or stabilizers) or traditional bows. A homemade sight can be used but the archer is docked 100 points.

Karen Lott, Tony Hartley, Danny Cowin and Rhys Moore shot barebow recurve, while Dave Moore used his longbow and Pete Mumford employed his American flatbow. Tony Hartley was looking to make it three in row for the Long Haul Trophy but it was Karen Lott who led from start to finish. Tony finished strongly but Lott was too far ahead and she took the Trophy by a clear 32 points.

Nev Mason Long Haul Trophy Results:- 1. Karen Lott 68/445/3/0, 2. Tony Hartley 64/413/4/0, 3. Dave Moore 57/309/5/3, 4. Danny Cowin 49/259/0/0, 5. Pete Mumford 55/251/1/0, 6. Rhys Moore 43/166/1/1.

Junior archers Joseph Reaney and Toby Young shot a National round with results as follows:- 1. Joseph Reaney 65/355/9, 2. Toby Young 66/332/7.

Away from the island, mother and daughter, Barbara and Charlotte Harris travelled to Flintshire to take part in the NWAS September Weekend. A Double Fita Star and Metrics I-V World Record Status Tournament hosted by Corus Deeside Archery Club.

The weather was kind all weekend, overcast and a little chilly to start but then sunshine and soaring temperatures as the day progressed.

Charlotte Harris, in spite of having a heavy cold, shot brilliantly on the first day of the tournament adding 75 points to her pb to record a score of 1122. This would have been higher but for the fact she sneezed on the shooting line while at full draw and missed the target. By the second day Charlotte’s cold had gone down onto her chest and the sneezes had been replaced by a hacking cough. Tired from the previous day, her score was not as good but she still managed to post a score of 1012. The results for both days were Junior Master Bowman standard for her age group and Charlotte picked up a nice new trophy to add to her collection.

Barbara Harris did not fare so well shooting a lacklustre 986 on the Saturday and a slightly better 1009 on the Sunday. The combined total was enough to secure third place however and Barbara was happy to be find some form at last.

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