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Netball Preview

Sun, 21 Sep 2014  05:11

There were some early season nerves on display but also some impressive performances! Let’s take a look through the leagues!


Division 2

In Division 2 the four new teams had mixed results, with two winning and two losing. There were some tightly fought matches across the division which I think this is a trend we will see continue through the season. Well done to Castletown for scoring the most goals in this division and to Fencibles B for conceding the least amount of goals.


This week’s fixtures are:

SNLS 9am – Missfits B v PWC Manx Gems Sapphires

SNLS 10am – Fencibles B v Simcocks Green Eagles

NSC 11am – Castletown v Bobby Sadler Young Farmers

NSC 12pm – Thompson 4 v Thompson 5

SNLS 12pm – SMP Ballasalla C v Route 1 Sparks

SNLS 12pm – Route 1 Reactors v Thompson 3


Focus on:

Fencibles B v Simcocks Green Eagles

Both teams feature a plethora of young talent and took away solid wins last week which they will be looking to build on as the season progresses. Fencibles were relegated from Division One at the end of the last season so they will not want to stray far from the top of the table and a win for the green eagles could secure them a place higher up the table which Marie Skillicorn will be after. Fencibles have great pace on the ball and have great defensive skills down the court and it will be this which will give them the edge. This match should be a great show of the young netball talent which the Island is producing but one which Fencibles should win.


Division 1

Spaniards put up a great fight against Marbree Motors with only five players and took the match by two goals. Route 1 Turbos bolstered their team with some premiership players which worked in their favour as they took a win over Fencibles A. There were no particularly high scoring games which means there could be a lot of movement in the table over the coming weeks. Well done to Route 1 Turbos for being the league high scorers and to Team DQ for conceding the fewest goals.


This week’s fixtures are:

NSC 9am – Marbree Motors v Simcocks White Eagles

SNLS 9am – Route 1 Turbos v Team DQ

NSC 11am – The Spaniards v Fencibles A

SNLS 11am – PWC Manx Gems Emeralds v Thompson 2

NSC 12pm – Manx Glass Saints v Absolute Scaffolding (Ramsey)


Focus on

Manx Glass Saints v Absolute Scaffolding

These teams finished mid table last season, the Scaffolding ladies finished higher up the table but Saints had more goals against their name. Both have had some new additions over the summer break so it will be interesting to see how they cope with the change in dynamics. Absolute Scaffolding are coming in off the back of a win last week so they will be looking to build on this, but they suffered two injuries last week. If these players are back then this game should be there's but if not then Saints may be able to pip them to the post.


Premiership Division

In the premiership Simcocks Red Eagles took a 52 goal lead in their game and SMP Ballasalla A took at 58 goal lead leaving them at the top of the premiership after the first match. Toomraiders and Route 1 Connections also stacked some great score lines too! I wouldn’t be surprised if we see these four teams jostling for these top four spots all season. SMP Ballasalla A were our biggest scorers this week and Simcocks Red Eagles conceded the fewest goals.


This week’s fixtures are:

NSC 9am – Paragon Recruitment v PWC Manx Gems Rubies

NSC 10am – SMP Ballasalla A v SMP Ballasalla B

NSC 10am – Toomraiders v Thompson 1

SNLS 10am – Simcocks Red Eagles v Simcocks Blue Eagles

SNLS 11am – Route 1 Connections v Missfits A


Focus on

Paragon Recruitment v PWC Rubies

Both teams suffered a hefty defeat last week at the hands of the Ballasalla A and Simcocks Red so they are currently at the bottom of the table and will be looking to get away from there. Rubies have the experience of playing in this division, whereas for the newly promoted Paragon, this is still new and with key mid court and defensive players missing they may struggle. This should be a closely contested game which will come down to the wire, but I am putting my money on Paragon!

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