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Fri, 26 Sep 2014  22:57

Only a handful of archers turned up a Greeba for the last shoot of the Outdoor season. This was a pity as shooting conditions were perfect – glorious sunshine and flat, calm conditions. The round of the day was a WA 1440 shot as part of the Club’s Scratch League.

The day became divided along the lines of gender, with the women making the most of the shooting conditions and the men falling unaccountably short of their best. In the Gents Compound division, Pete Mumford not only strayed into the black 3 scoring zone but also recorded two misses in the space of a dozen arrows at the 50m distance. Dave Moore also had a miss at the 50m distance but managed to edge the win by a margin of 7 points.

In the Ladies Compound division by contrast, Joy Gough thoroughly enjoyed the marvellous weather. She was disappointed with an arrow she put into the 6 at the 50m distance, but her overall score proved to be a season’s best.

 Barbara Harris in the Ladies Recurve division, who was celebrating her 48th birthday on Sunday, started well but then lost form at the 70m distance. Harris then followed up one of her worst 70m scores with one of her best 60m ones. A solid 50m and a decent 30m saw Barbara add 21 points to her pb for the round and provided a nice end to what has been a rocky season.

The shoot of the day however was provided by Karen Lott using her new Hoyt bow for the first time. Pressures of work meant that Karen had been unable to get down to the club nights to get sight marks for her new kit and so only had the six practice arrows (sighters) allowed before the round started. In spite of this handicap and having to get to grips with the new ‘feel’ and response of her bow Lott managed to add 25 points to personal best for the round and take the win. This was a terrific end to an amazing season for Karen.

WA 1440 Results: Gents Compound 1. Dave Moore 143/1262/41/14, 2. Pete Mumford 142/1255/45/17. Ladies Compound Joy Gough 144/1271/35/15. Ladies Recurve 1. Karen Lott 144/1085/15/2pb, 2. Barbara Harris 143/1070/25/2pb.

Junior Archer Joseph Reaney also turned up to shoot in the afternoon. He shot a Short Metric II and recorded a score of 48/242/1.

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