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IoM Archery Club Report

Tue, 14 Oct 2014  15:00

The IoM Archery Club met at Onchan on Sunday to shoot a WA 18 (previously the Fita 18) round as part of the Club’s Handicap League.  Once again Joy Gough was the only Lady Compound archer in evidence but there was a good turnout for the rest of the divisions.

There was the usual three way tie between Colin Moore, Pete Mumford and Dave Moore in the Gents Compound. Dave who had tried out a new bow last week, reverted to his old bow with little effect. The change of bows coupled with a lack of practice due to a heavy work load saw Dave record a miss in the second dozen. Pete Mumford shot solidly to record the highest scratch score of the day just one point ahead of Joy Gough.

Karen Lott and Barbara Harris both struggled to find some consistency and it was left to the Junior archers to shine. Josh Trafford added 84 points to his personal best for the round. Carrying on into the afternoon Trafford’s combined score set a New Club Record for the Double WA 18. After the handicap was applied Josh took third place on the podium.

James Hill, who set a new pb for the Portsmouth last week, added 76 points to his personal best for the WA 18 this week and secured second place overall after the handicap had been applied.

Toby Young, shooting indoors for the first time this season, added 46 points to his pb for the round and took the overall win after handicapping.

Jack Tyrer added 6 points to his pb and finished fourth ahead of Tony Hartley who proved to be the best of the adults on the day.

Results WA 18 Handicap:- 1. Toby Young 1538 (53/326/4pb), 2. James Hill 1522 (48/245/0pb), 3. Josh Trafford 1505 (60/511/13pb), 4. Jack Tyrer 1480 (59/380/3pb), 5. Tony Hartley 1436 (60/530/17), 6. Joy Gough 1435 (60/550/15), 7. Joseph Reaney 1433 (48/278/4), 8. Pete Mumford 1428 (60/551/12), 9. Colin Moore 1426 (60/537/12), 10. Dave Moore 1418 (59/538/12), 11. Danny Cowin 1416 (60/460/12), 12. Karen Lott 1415 (60/513/11), 13. B. Harris 1386 (60/468/9), 14. Bradley Layton 1374 (60/418/6).

Double WA 18: Junior Recurve- Josh Trafford 120/959/22 pb New Club Record. Gents Compound – Dave Moore 119/1090/20.

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