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Thu, 04 Dec 2014  14:53

There is all to play for in most of the leagues as they approach the half way stage at Christmas.  One team which is showing good form is the Fencibles A team who are umbeaten in the womens league 1.



Mixed Leagues


League 1


CuPlas Callow St Ninians A 12 Citywing Vikings A 8


Maintaining their unbeaten run Vikings Steve Allen and Sam Mills got the better of father and son combination Michael and Gregg Harrison 21/13 13/21 21/12 at second mens. Vikings backed this up with Kristina Buck making her league 1 debut played very well with Charlotte Dougherty at second womens to beat  St Ninians Sarah Corlett and Alex Domingo 21/13 21/23 21/13.  St Ninians hit back with a 21/13 21/17 win at first womens for unbeaten partnership Nicola Wilkinson and Sue Domingo over Sam Murphy and Emma Nicholson.  First mens saw a surprise result with Matthew Nicholson and Steven Quayle combining very well to get the better of current senior Island team members St Ninians Neil Harding and Matthew Wilkinson 21/18 13/21 21/17.  Mills playing with his third different partner in as many matches continued his winning ways with Buck winning fourth mixed for Vikings 16/21 21/18 21/18.  St Ninians then hit back winning the remaining three mixed in straight games courtesy of Gregg Harrison and Corlett 21/15 21/18, Matthew Wilkinson and Sue Domingo 21/11 21/16 and Harding and Nicola Wilkinson 21/16 21/14 to give St Ninians a hard fought 12/8 win. SN


.League 2


PWC Castletown/Abbey A 16 Cannell Print/idesign Rushen A 1


Cannell Print/idesign Rushen A 12 Nationwide Michael A 9


This was a re-arranged fixture at the Castle Rushen High School sports hall.  It turned out to be a close contest with five matches going to the third game. Second mens and second womens were both won in two games by Rushen’s Adrian Edwards and Richard Kerr and Sarah Goldie and Janet Corkish respectively.  First mens was the first to go to three when Rushen’s Rob Mason and Neil Ronan won 21/13 19/21 21/15 against Ben Kneale and David Gardner.  First womens also went to three but this time in Michael’s favour with Vanessa Christian and Leanne Miller winning against Kirree Ronan and Carole Ennett 18/21 21/10 21/11. This gave Rushen a useful 7-3 lead at the half way stage.  Three of the mixed went to a third game.  At fourth it was Rushen’s Edwards and Ennett who were the victors 21/11 13/21 21/18 against Michael Brew and Jess Corlett. Rushen were also victorious at third in three games when Kerr and Goldie beat Ryan Brew and Sarah Gardner 21/18 19/21 21/12.  David Gardner and Christian were the victors for Michael at second in two games.  Michael took first mixed in another close match which went to a third game, Kneale and Miller winning 21/15 13/21 21/19 against Neil and Kirree Ronan.  ER


League 4


Citywing Vikings C 14 Doehle Corporate Selborne C 6 


League 5


Nationwide Michael B 14 Tynwald Celts B 5


Kella Farms Sulby 11 CuPlas Callow St Ninians C 7


Sulby started brightly with second men's going to Sulby’s Patrick Couper-Woods and Norman Brew 21/10 21/12. Second womens went convincingly to St Ninians  pairing of Sophie and Megan Wade 21/11 21/12.  First mens then went to Sulby while first womens went to St Ninians leaving the score 4-4 at half time. Patrick Couper-Woods and Heather Kennett then won narrowly for Sulby in three, while Brew and Christine McGeehan won in two.
Sulby’s Bob Mylchreest and Anne Couper-Woods then won in the closest match of the evening beating Laura Cowley and Michael Corlett 20/22 21/18 21/17. Sulby’s Stuart Clarke and Judy Kelly then rounded up the evening’s proceedings with a win over Lucy Carter and Alex Hewlett in two. A good victory for Sulby in what will be their last home match of the year. Thanks again to the ladies for their supper. SC


Men’s Leagues


League 2


Microgaming Marown B 241 Doehle Corporate Selborne B 195 


League 3


Sulby Glen Sulby 132 Designer Glass Castletown/Abbey B 252


CuPlas Callow St Ninians B 182 Celton Fecibles A 237



League 6


Tynwald Celts B 248 Cannell Print/idesign Rushen B 193


League 7


Citywing Vikings D 225 CuPlas Callow St Ninians D 119


Women’s Leagues


League 1


Celton Fencibles A 244 Citywing Vikings A 155


League 2


Doehle Corporate Selborne A 193 Citywing Vikings B 245



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