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Mon, 15 Dec 2014  10:57

In mixed league 4 the two unbeaten sides met and although Citywing Vikings C were the victors it is Tynwald Celts A who top the league with more games won.


Mixed Leagues


League 1


CuPlas Callow St Ninians A 13 Celton Fencibles A 7


League 4


Cannell Print/idesign Rushen B 10 Microgaming Marown C 9


Citywing Vikings C 13 Tynwald Celts A 8


Vikings came out on top in the clash between the two unbeaten teams in this league but it was close with five of the eight matches going to three games which meant we almost ran out of time. Vikings second mens Roy McLean and Matthew Bruce lost to Dave Wilson and John Dawson 23/21 10/21 10/21. Vikings second womens Melissa McKnight and Sam Spellman did better against Kelly Lewis and Bryony Ansell winning 21/9 21/7. At first mens Tynwald Celts Mark Callow and Tom Long beat Jamie Joughin and Alex Buck 20/22 21/18 21/10. Vikings first womens Csilla Buck and Georgia Foxton won against  Fiona Callow and Heather Clague 21/14 21/14. In the mixed Vikings won three out of four.  At fourth Vikings Bruce and McKnight beat Dawson and Ansell  23/21 21/18.  At third Vikings McLean and Spellman beat Wilson and Lewis 14/21 21/17 21/19. Second mixed saw Vikings Alex Buck and Foxton  beat Long and Clague  21/14 25/27 21/18. Tynwald Celts win came at first when Mark and Fiona Callow beat Joughin and Csilla Buck 21/17 20/22 21/19. RMcL   



Mixed League 5


Nationwide Michael B 14 Caley Stores Sulby 4


Celton Fenicbles C 9 Kella Farms Sulby 10


The night started with what turned out to be two of the closest matches. Fencibles Jake Vance and Ben Clague just lost out to Ben Mylchreest and Neil Keating 21/18 23/25 14/21. Roberta Cannell and Hollie Robertson of Fencibles then took on Christine McGeehan and Anne Couper-Woods. The Fencibles pairing lost the first game 20/22, won the second 21/19 and then the experience of Cannell and the youthfulness of Robertson helped to take the final game 21/15. Robertson who is only eleven years old was playing in her first ever league match and is a star in the making. First mens and first womens were shared so the score after the doubles was five all.  Fencibles Vance & Robertson played a very good fourth mixed but just missed out 12/21 20/22. Another going to three games went the way of Fencibles when Clague and Chloe Teare beat Keating and Couper-Woods 11/21 21/17 21/16 at third mixed. The top two mixed were shared on a very cold night, (RC).



Men’s Leagues


League 1


PWC Castletown/Abbey A 212 Citywing Vikings A 221


A dominant performance by Steve Allen and Steve Quayle gave Vikings the lead, beating Chris Gregory and Fingal Watterson decisively to 14 and 8 in the first rubber of the evening.  Vikings Sam Mills and Matthew Nicholson further extended the lead for the away team, dropping the first end to 20, but taking the second end comfortably to 14 against Damian Peter and Baillie Watterson. In the second round the ends were shared between the two teams. Castletown/Abbey’s Peter and Fingal Watterson edged Mills and Quayle on points 21/13 15/21, but Vikings’ Allen and Nicholson clinched the other 21/14 17/21, leaving the overall lead standing at twenty seven points to Vikings with two rubbers remaining. An impressive performance by Peter and Gregory led to a comeback for the Castletown side when they beat Mills and Allen 21/19 21/14 in the penultimate game of the evening. The final game of the evening was a close affair between the two formidable partnerships of Quayle and Nicholson and Fingal and Baillie Watterson, with the brothers from Castletown/Abbey coming through to win 21/17 21/16.  BW


League 2


Doehle Corporate Selborne B 212 Cannell Print/idesign Rushen A 235


League 4


Celton Fencibles B 252 Microgaming Marown C 157


League 5


Magee & Co Castletown/Abbey C 117 Tynwald Celts A 252


League 7


Citywing Vikings D 195 Tynwald Celts C 244


There were some close games and some not so close. Vikings Josh Mills and Aaron Dougherty lost to Thomas Harmstone and Dan Gibson–Walsh 20/2116/21. Vikings Jon Quilliam and David Beynon (first game this season) lost to Adrian Slater and Brett Callow 10/21 17/21. Vikings Mills and Beynon had a close match with Harmstone and Callow, having a convincing win in the second game, made possible by good smashes from Mills and no stopping Beynon who had the Greenlight to go. Tynwald Celts Slater and Gibson-Walsh beat Quilliam and Dougherty 21/15 21/13.  Vikings Dougherty and Beynon had a close match against Gibson-Walsh and Callow winning the first game with clever play from Dougherty and good back up from Beynon 21/18 17/21. Tynwald Celts Slater and Harmstone won 21/11 21/16 against Quilliam and Mills.  RMcL


Women’s Leagues


League 3


Doehle Corporate Selborne B 212 CuPlas Callow St Ninians B 231

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