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Tue, 06 Jan 2015

There was a very poor turnout for the first shoot of 2015 with only seven archers making it to Onchan. For those who did make the effort conditions were not good as the sports hall was experiencing the usual post-Christmas heating crisis. All but one of the archers probably wished they had stayed at home as the standard was generally below par. The round of the day was a WA18 shot a part of the Club’s Handicap League.

The highest scratch scores of the day came from the Compound archers. Of the Recurve archers only Karen Lott managed to break 500 but after handicapping her score was only good enough for sixth place. Josh Trafford was trying to tune in some new aluminium arrows which accounted for his drop in form. Only junior James Hill seemed unaffected by the cold. James not only added 12 points to his previous best score for the round but took the victory after handicap. Joy Gough shot a solid enough round which saw her take second place. Young Joseph Reaney secured third.

Results: 1. James Hill 1458 (48/257/1)pb, 2. Joy Gough 1427 (60/542/12), 3. Joseph Reaney 1423 (51/279/2), 4. Peter Mumford 1422 (60/545/10), 5. Josh Trafford 1416 (60/470/10), 6. Karen Lott 1399 (60/500/9), 7. Tony Hartley 1398 (59/492/12).

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